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Bridal Beauty


911! Remedies for a Wedding Day Blemish (Updated 2018)

Blemishes always seem to pop up at the worst time. It’s a common misconception that acne is just for teens as, unfortunately, adult acne is incredibly prevalent. Acne can be caused by a variety of factors including stress. It comes as no surprise that wedding planning stress could serve you with a wedding day blemish.

Tears of Joy: How to Fix Your Makeup After `I Do`

Once you've perfected your bridal makeup, you don't want your happy tears to wash it all away. During `I do` it's difficult not to get a little misty-eyed. Plus, when friends and family are all in one place, you never know when a wave of joy will bring about another round of joyful tears.

Melt Free Mineral Makeup for Late Summer Weddings

A wedding day meltdown is the last thing you want, especially where your makeup is concerned. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or bride-to-be, follow these tips and tricks for melt free mineral makeup for those warm late summer weddings.

Wedding Party Beauty Gift Ideas

It's traditional for the bride and groom to give gifts to their close friends, family members and those who helped with the wedding. Typically, the bridesmaid squad has to pay for travel, accommodations, and their dress and shoes in addition to performing other bridesmaid duties. Being a bridesmaid is tough work, so check out these great ways to say thank you with a thoughtful wedding party thank you gift.

Keeping a Natural Look on Your Wedding Day

At glo, we’re kind of obsessed with makeup, so we get excited about any special occasion to get glammed up. But, we also realize not everyone feels the same way! For the bride seeking a naturally beautiful look on their wedding day, we have a few tips on choosing the right makeup.

Easily Change Your Wedding Makeup from Day to Night: Pro Tips

Although it's one of the best days of your life, your wedding day can also be one of the longest. In many cases you wake up at the crack of dawn, get your hair and makeup done - and it's go-go-go until you crash in the wee hours of the morning. Glo Skin Beauty's wedding makeup tips will make your bridal makeup last all day as well as help you transition from a day look for the ceremony to a night look for the reception.

DIY Wedding Makeup: What to Buy and How to Apply

There’s a lot of pressure to look your best on the big day, but sometimes looking your best just means looking like yourself! If you don’t wear much (or any) makeup on a regular basis, taking control of your makeup application might make you feel more comfortable with bridal makeup. To create a look that feels like you, follow these DIY tips for applying your own makeup on your wedding day.

Bridal Beauty Timeline: How to Get That Perfect glo

Congratulations, you’re getting married! There are many tasks that need to be completed before the wedding, but one of the most rewarding parts is establishing a bridal beauty timeline. Taking care of your skin, hair and body should be done year round, but a wedding is the ultimate excuse to come up with a plan and commit to it.

6 Makeup Tips for the Best Wedding Photos

A variety of factors will affect the look of your makeup in photos - from your skin type to lighting - so prepare for the big day with these makeup tips for your best wedding photos.

Makeup Touch-Up Tips for the Wedding Day

It’s your big day. Your dress is better than you imagined, every strand of hair is perfectly pinned in place and your bridal makeup is flawless… for now! On your wedding day, after kissing your groom and busting out your best moves on the dance floor (not to mention sweating under all those layers of crinoline), makeup touch-ups are inevitable. No matter how longwearing your foundation is or how expertly it was applied, there is no way it’s making it on its own, so make sure you have everything you need to keep your look fresh.

5 Reasons to Insist on Mineral Makeup for Your Wedding

There are endless details involved in the ever-complicated wedding planning process and many decisions that have to be made for the big day. An easy one to check off the list is using mineral makeup for your bridal look. Memories fade, but pictures last forever! Be photo-ready with high quality makeup products.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #6

My wedding day is quickly approaching which means last month’s beauty treatment with Amanda was a much needed break from all of the last minute planning and responding to wedding related emails. Plus, I think the added stress of my busy schedule is causing some very unwanted breakouts around my chin (again). I am so in awe of Amanda and how well she tailors each treatment to my specific needs (and manages to help me relax and take a much needed break from the chaos).

Bridal Beauty Diary: Wedding Makeup Trial

As my wedding quickly day approaches, I am amazed at how well all of the little details are coming together. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of surprises, but overall I am so grateful for all of the wonderful people helping us make our day so special. On that list is glo’s National Makeup Artist, Janeena Billera, who is doing my wedding day makeup as well as makeup on SIX of my bridesmaids!

Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #5

The one month countdown to my wedding day has begun! This means my schedule is full of pre-wedding meetings, hair and makeup trials (stay tuned next week for the details!) and DIY projects. Needless to say, I look forward to my spa days with Amanda each month as a way to de-stress (and not have to make any wedding decisions for a whole hour)!

Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #4

With a little less than two months to go before my wedding, I’m definitely stepping up my beauty game. Thankfully, glo’s National Educator, Amanda has helped me with every step along the way. Our regularly scheduled facials mixed with professional peels has done wonders for my skin already. Today we’re sharing with you our most recent treatment that targeted a few problems on my chin.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #3

Let’s be honest, no one likes to talk about 'bacne', but today I’m bravely addressing this pesky skin issue that many brides struggle with. Often times, due to an increase in trips to the gym, warmer wedding season weather and the added stress of planning a wedding, blemishes can start to appear on your back and chest- not ideal for brides wearing a strapless dress! I know it’s something that I worry about so I created a plan with glo’s National Educator, Amanda, to tackle the issue before the big day.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Professional Treatment #2

First, let me just say that while fun, exciting and fulfilling, planning a wedding is hard work! I’d heard it a thousand times from brides and they were right! I am so thankful for my monthly skin care appointments with Amanda, glo’s National Educator, where I get to take time to relax, feel pampered and do something good for my skin.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Engagement Photo Tutorial

Last week we talked about how to find the best makeup artist for your big day. Now let’s chat about engagement photos! Ryan and I chose to do our engagement photos outside around the beautiful city of Denver. Not only was it a great way for us to get some practice in front of the camera before the big day, it was also a great test run for makeup. I really wanted my makeup for the photos to be timeless and natural. Because I was changing into three outfits, it was also important that my makeup lasted all day and worked with each outfit. We decided to keep the look very classic and only switch up the lip color with each look. Janeena, glo’s National Makeup Artist, did a great job playing up my favorite features and we decided to document the engagement photo trial to give everyone an inside look at what she did the day of the photoshoot.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Finding Your Makeup Artist

As my wedding day quickly approaches, I am definitely in full on wedding planning mode! It seems like everyday there is a new deadline that needs to be met or decision that needs to be made. For many, an important thing to cross off the to-do list is finding the right makeup artist to will help you feel like a million bucks on your big day. I am so lucky that Janeena, Glo Skin Beauty's Sr. Global Makeup Artist and Educator, a dear friend, is available to do my wedding and engagement photo makeup! Even though I didn’t have to go through the process of finding the right artist for me, Janeena was kind enough to share a list of things all brides should consider before picking their makeup artist. And having worked on over 100 brides in her career she definitely knows what she is talking about!

Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #1

Last week I received my first professional treatment on my path towards glo-ing bridal skin! I must say, taking an hour out of my busy schedule for a treatment was just what I needed to feel refreshed! Not only did my skin feel fantastic but it was a great way to take some personal time for myself in the middle of balancing a busy schedule.

Bridal Beauty Diary: Creating a Skincare Routine

With a little under seven months to go, my wedding to-do list seems to be getting longer instead of shorter. Between flowers and save-the-dates, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the small details! One thing that I am excited about crossing off the list is meeting with glo’s National Educator, Amanda, to talk about my skincare strategy.

glo minerals Bridal Kit: Wedding Day Beauty Essentials

Last year we launched our first ever Bridal Kit which was created to give the bride and her bridesmaids everything they needed to stay camera ready all day. The kit was such a big hit that we decided to give it a glamorous makeover! The revamped kit now comes in a beautiful new makeup bag that will easily become a new favorite.

Bridal Beauty Diary

Hello Everyone! My name is Amy and I am glo’s Content and Communication Specialist. As a newly engaged gal, I started thinking about all of the beauty questions I have as my wedding day quickly approaches: 'How can I fix my biggest skin concerns in time?' 'How do I pick the best makeup artist for my wedding day?' 'When should I start my bridal beauty routine?' I figured I wasn’t the only bride-to-be asking these questions, so with the help of glo’s talented education team I am going to walk you through my seven month bridal beauty diary!

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