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Contour Makeup

Sculpt, shape, and define with our lineup of contouring makeup. Create your perfect look with effortless mineral bronzers, contour kits, and highlighters.

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Monochrome Bronze Beauty Kit
Monochrome Bronze Beauty Kit
Sunkiss Bronze Color Swatch
Sunlight Bronze Color Swatch

Contour and Bronzer Tips

Contouring is one of the hottest makeup trends! Learn how to do it right with makeup tips for using contour and bronzer from our team of makeup experts.

Contouring can make a significant difference to the shape and definition of key areas of your face. Whether subtle and soft, dramatic and chiseled, contouring makeup helps you to naturally sculpt, define, illuminate, and brighten. Enhancing features by creating customizable depth and dimension, contouring can slim any face shape. Using deeper shadows like mineral bronzers and darker hues in the contour kit, these create the illusion of shaping features and add natural-looking definition. Choose a contour shade two times deeper than your natural complexion, then apply this along the lower parts of your cheekbones, hairline, sides of the nose, and jawline. For a more subtle effect, diffuse the contouring by shading along areas of your face where natural light hits first. You could use a bronzer for this to create a natural looking sun-kissed look.

Next up is highlighting to bring up those high points with luminosity and brightening. The most common areas to highlight are the middle of the forehead, brow bones, upper cheekbones, down the center of the nose and the tip, the lip bow, and center of the chin, as these are where the light will hit naturally. For a more sheer, dewy look a highlighting balm is your go-to, while for more extroverted sparkle and matte effect, opt for a shimmer powder. You’ll need tools to achieve this, so invest in contouring/highlighting brushes.

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