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Mineral Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes, naturals and nudes, or high-drama hues, whatever your eye makeup mood, our mineral eyeshadows are easy, effortless, and blendable for flawless effects.

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In The Nudes Backlit Bronze
In The Nudes- Pop of Pink

Mineral Eyeshadow Pro Tips

Smokey eyes, neutrals and nudes, or high-drama hues, whatever your mood, our lineup of mineral eyeshadows has a texture and tone to suit all. From liner to full color, application tips to the latest trends, unlock all the potential from these multitasking mineral shadows with our pro tips.  

Whether natural and nude eyeshadow or more statement shades, our talc-free mineral eyeshadows deliver rich pigment hues, so you can build out and blend your perfect look. All our mineral eyeshadows are infused with skincare ingredients too including vitamins A, C, and E, to help nourish while adding color. Make our Cream Stay Eyeshadow Sticks your go-to as they’re the ultimate multitaskers, offering base, shadow, and liner, all in one creamy, effortless formulation in an array of delicious hues.

If it’s powder eyeshadow you’re after, our eyeshadow pots, curated sets, and palettes come served in velvety-soft nudes, shimmers, mattes, and metals. Longwearing, crease-free formulations, easy to buff, blend, and build, you can easily layer up on hues too to create endless effects and add highlights and depth. Nail the latest eye makeup trends and the classics from smokey eyes, winged liner, ombre effects, for multi-dimensional eye shadow play. And, because we’re all about enhancing your natural features, we serve up an elevated mix of naturals, neutrals, and nude eyeshadows for that gentle nuanced effect. Pair your eyeshadow with our pro-level makeup brushes too, to nail that precision and application technique.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyeshadow

What does neutral eyeshadow mean?

"Neutral or nude eyeshadows are subtle in color and give off a natural looking eye statement. They can also incorporate earthy, organic shades too and are perfect for creating a more subtle effect," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Does dark or light eyeshadow go first?

"If you're looking to build an eye look that includes base, transition, crease, and highlight shades, apply the lighter or nude eyeshadow base shade first before the darker crease shades. A highlight shade is the lightest overall and is normally applied last to create that pop," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What are good eyeshadow combinations?

"Popular eyeshadow combinations for everyday are nude eyeshadows, gold and brown, cream and taupe, rose and champagne. For more dramatic looks try navy and taupe, emerald and warm brown, or peach and rose gold," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

How do I choose the right eyeshadow color?

"Start with basic eyeshadows that compliment your eye color. Try orange tones, copper, warm brown, and gray to bring out blue eyes. For green and hazel eyes: gold, bronze, and plum. And for brown eyes: blue, green, purple, pink, and gold," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What is powder eyeshadow?

"Powder eyeshadow is a popular shadow choice. It's longwear and available in a variety of payoffs, finishes, and shades that can be easily blended together. It can be worn alone or used on top of cream or liquid eyeshadow," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Is liquid or powder eyeshadow better?

"It's totally down to personal preference. Liquid eyeshadows are fast-drying, with layering qualities and can be super creative to work with. Powder eyeshadows are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and applied with your favorite brush," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Should eyeshadow go up to your eyebrow?

"If you're using an eye shadow kit, you'll have base, transition, crease, and highlight shadows to play with. Your base and highlight are the most common shades to reach the brow bone area," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

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