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Concealers are our go-tos for correcting imperfections like acne, blemishes, redness, or dark circles, for a more even tone. Liquid, cream, or powder, discover our mineral makeup concealers.

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Luminous Brightening Concealer
Oil Free Camouflage
Luminous Brightening Concealer
Oil Free Camouflage
Under Eye Concealer
Corrective Camouflage Kit

Makeup Concealer Application Tips 

Hide any unwanted trouble spots easily with a mineral makeup concealer. Say goodbye to dark spots and blemishes with concealers from Glo Skin Beauty. Learn how to apply concealer to cover up any imperfections with the beauty articles below. 

Concealers are the backbone of most makeup rituals. Even if you’re not into a full foundation, just a hint of concealer on those imperfections can make all the difference. From full coverage concealer to more natural sheer concealer, whatever your skin’s needs, our lineup of liquid, cream, and under eye concealers offers a cover-up texture and tone to suit all.

All our concealers are mineral makeup, so are suitable for sensitive skin, and are infused with skincare ingredients including vitamin C and E to care for complexions while concealing. Perfect for evening out tone and erasing any imbalances, concealers mask an array of issues such as acne, blemishes, redness, under eye shadows, dark spots, or any other unwanted color or pigment. Softening the appearance of fine lines, our concealers improve skin’s overall radiance, adding a hint of highlighting too when added to high points of the face. Our concealers are so versatile, depending on the look you’re going for, you can wear it on its own as a base, paired with a primer, with a moisturizing suncare tint, or with a full-coverage foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concealer

What do you use yellow concealer for?

"A yellow toned concealer helps color correct and cancel-out unwanted pink or red tones on skin. Yellow tones make a great acne concealer," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What should be applied first concealer or foundation?

"Color correcting concealers should be applied under foundation. A full coverage concealer that matches the complexion can be applied underneath or on top of foundation. A concealer used to brighten or highlight can be applied on top of foundation," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Which concealer is best for all skin types?

"A lightweight, creamy, buildable, natural mineral concealer is great for all skin types, even sensitive," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What is the healthiest concealer?

"The healthiest forms of concealer are formulated with skin-benefiting ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and added hydration. You'll find all those ingredients infused into our mineral concealers," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Why does my under eye concealer look dry?

"The delicate skin around the eyes can show signs of dehydration and fine lines. For fresh-looking eyes, hydrate with an eye cream or serum, then apply an under eye concealer. But, what is concealer makeup? Concealers can be liquid or cream and offer a range of buildable coverage, and they can also brighten + highlight too," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

What can I use to blend concealer?

"For larger areas of the face, blend concealer with a sponge or foundation brush. For smaller areas or to spot conceal, use a small dome or paddle-shaped concealer brush. If you're wondering what concealer makeup is, it can be liquid or cream and can be used to conceal dark shadows or blemishes, for a more even skin tone," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

Why does my concealer not stay on?

"For the smoothest, longwearing concealer application, it helps to set concealer with a setting powder and setting spray to extend concealer wear throughout the day," says Janeena Rumsey, Global Artistry Lead.

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