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Eyebrow Makeup

Perfect your brow game with our pro-level mineral eyebrow pencils, liners, gels, and powders for effortless face-framing and shaping.

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Brow Gel

Eyebrow Makeup Tips & Tricks

The right eyebrow makeup helps you frame your face and make your brows pop. Learn how to pick and use eyebrow makeup with our resources below.

Get your eyebrow makeup on point with our lineup of artist-approved eyebrow pencils, liners, powders, and gels. Eyebrows are key to adding shape and structure to your look. And, no two brows are ever the same, so whether you’ve got twins or sisters, your brows are bound to need a little love to team them up and get them looking balanced.

The best way to get your dream brows is to define your goals. If it’s to fill in sparse spots and add a little definition then you’ll be good with a brow liner for that precision and a little powder for definition. For light shaping and combing, eyebrow gel will be your go-to. Up for something more dramatic? Go for bold, high-precision eyebrows by defining your shape with the Precise Micro Browliner then gently shade in sparse areas, and finish with brow shadow using the Brow Quad. Don’t forget to add some highlighter to the brow bone for extra definition. For fluffy, brushed up brows use the eyebrow gel to brush upwards and then sketch hair-like strokes with an eyebrow liner, and set in place with another layer of eyebrow gel. Not sure what look you’re into? Try mixing and matching with all the eyebrow pencils, gel, and powder until you come up with a look you love.

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