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Lip & Eye Care Products

A lack of oil production coupled with repetitive facial movements can overwork skin surrounding the eyes and lips. Use extra care in treating these fragile areas by applying products expertly formulated to maintain a smooth, youthful appearance to this delicate skin...Learn More

Lip & Eye Skincare

Often, you don’t need to say anything- our emotions are relayed in nonverbal communication made by the movements of facial muscles. Our eyes and lips play a major role in letting someone know exactly how we are feeling and what we’re thinking- in fact, there are over 40 muscles of the face- 6 dedicated just to move the eyes and lids. And you’ve probably never thought about what’s involved in a simple smile, on average 12 muscles are working behind the scenes. And this is happening under the surface, stretching and moving, often overworking our facial skin- over time this can lead to wear and tear and loss of elasticity.

A common question asked by skincare professionals and their clients is, “Do I really need a specialized product for the eye and lip area?” And, the answer to this can vary per product manufacturer. Some believe that your face serum or moisturizer is more than appropriate for use around the eye area, as long as the skin (and oil production) around your eyes is the same or consistent as that of your face. But, we know that the skin around the eyes and lips is typically not the same as the rest of your face- it’s thinner, more delicate, lacks oil production, and as mentioned above, endures the stress of repetitive facial movements. All of this can overwork and dry out the tissue surrounding the eyes and lips contributing to expression lines.

The eyes can have additional issues with discoloration and fluid buildup that leads to puffiness. Genetics plays a role in this as well as: allergies, lack of sleep, aging and lifestyle habits, including sun exposure. Even if you do not consider your overall skin as sensitive, it’s a good rule of thumb to recognize and treat the eyes and lips under this category. Therefore, we recommend choosing products specifically formulated to treat the delicate tissue of the eyes and lips.


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Lip and Eye Care Tips

The muscles around the eyes and mouth are some of the most used in the human body, which can cause fine lines to develop over time. It’s essential that you use products specifically formulated to treat this extremely delicate tissue. Check out the following beauty articles for tips on how to reduce fine lines around your eyes and lips today!