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Bridal Beauty Diary: Treatment #1

Guest post by [previous] Glo employee and bride-to-be, Amy Foster.

Last week I received my first professional treatment on my path towards glo-ing bridal skin! I must say, taking an hour out of my busy schedule for a treatment was just what I needed to feel refreshed! Not only did my skin feel fantastic but it was a great way to take some personal time for myself in the middle of balancing a busy schedule.

To compliment my at home skincare routine (which I am loving!), Amanda, glo’s National Educator, and I discussed the importance of a facial that would exfoliate and hydrate my extremely dry skin without causing irritation. This dry, Colorado winter air is wrecking havoc on my skin and I’m feeling extra sensitive because of it. Keeping that in mind, Amanda did an excellent job of customizing a facial treatment to meet all of my needs.

First, Amanda cleansed off my makeup with the Essential Cleansing Oil and then followed with the Phyto-Active Cleanser for a bit of light exfoliation while keeping my skin hydrated. She then toned my dry skin with the Conditioning Mist which felt fantastic and refreshing. Next, she applied the Brightening Polish with a mask brush to my entire face and then added water to her hands and gently massaged the polish into my skin for about 3 minutes. I love the scent of the Brightening Polish, but it's also great for its overall luminescent effects.

After removing the Brightening Polish, it was time for extractions. glo’s Pro 5 Exfoliant* is a fantastic product to help exfoliate the skin but also help loosen impactions.  She applied one layer of Pro 5 Exfoliant* with cotton filled gauze pads and let it sit on my skin for about 2 minutes. She then performed extractions and added layers of Pro 5 Exfoliant* where needed.

Following extractions, she toned again with the Conditioning Mist to remove any debris. She applied another layer of the Pro 5 Exfoliant* then applied the Cucumber Gel Mask* on top of that. The Cucumber Recovery Mask is the best mask for sensitive skin and it now comes in a retail size as part of our new Sensitive Skincare line. Not only will it reduce redness and calm the skin, but it is also intensely hydrating!

Amanda left the mask on for 10 minutes and then gently removed it leaving my skin feeling completely hydrated. To customize the treatment, she also applied a layer of Retinol Smoothing Serum to help improve my skin's texture. Phyto-Active Eye Serum came next for an instant tightening effect post-treatment and she chose the Refine Hydrator* as my moisturizer because it has a hydrating acid in it, Lactic Acid, so it will also help with exfoliation and brightening. She finished with an even layer of the Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ in light, Lip Revival, and a spritz of Refreshing Mist.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this treatment and could see and feel the benefits immediately. To find a local glo retailer who offers a similar facial please call 1-800-232-0398. Our next scheduled treatment is a mild peel so stay tuned for that post! In the meantime we have a fun tutorial on the way featuring my engagement picture makeup! *Professional only products.

March 9, 2015
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