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Set it and Forget it: Best Summer Makeup Tips
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Set it and Forget it: Best Summer Makeup Tips

For as much effort as we put into doing our makeup, it’s alarming how quickly it can all melt away. When sun, heat and humidity mix with powders and creams on your face, it’s usually not a good sign, but rest assured, we have the top summer makeup tips from our resident experts to help keep everything in place.

Summer makeup tips

1. Cool Off

You wouldn’t apply makeup that’s been sitting out in the sun, so why apply makeup to a warm face? This is especially noticeable if you apply makeup after showering/working out, when your skin is still warm. Try splashing with cool water or rubbing an ice cube or ice roller to bring your body temperature back down.

2. Layer Formulas

If you’re using a product that comes in both a powder and a cream formula, use both! Start with the cream first, then layer the powder on top to set. This trick can be used all over the face, from eyeliner to foundation, and even cheeks (check out our newest Blush Duo here).

3. Press to Set Powder

To get a lasting hold, make sure you’re using a large brush to gently press setting powder onto your skin. In this instance, you don’t want to buff or blend setting powders, as this will disturb your foundation/concealer placement.

4. Seal Your Lashes

Our easiest hack to make any mascara waterproof- top it with a water resistant formula. Shield yourself from raccoon eyes, without sacrificing your favorite wand. Not to mention, the removal process is much easier when water resistant formulas aren’t attached directly to your lashes.

5. Prime Your Lids

If you’re susceptible to creasing lids, this one’s for you. Regardless of your eye look, be it a simple wash of color or a detailed style, try priming to make sure your shadow stays in place. There’s nothing worse than spending 20+ minutes expertly blending shadows, just to have it all melt together. Even if you’re only using one shade, priming your lids helps keep the shadow you place in the same spot.

6. Spray to Set

If you ask us, setting sprays are one of the most underrated products in a makeup routine. Not only do they set your foundation, they also hydrate without adding grease or shine. For added staying power, spray in between each layer of makeup (before and after priming, foundation, setting powder, etc.). You can also reapply throughout the day without getting the dreaded cake face that sometimes occurs when layering too much powder.

Want more summer makeup tips? Check out our Summer Swaps blog here.

July 10, 2019
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