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How to Swap Your Beauty Routine for Summer

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How to Swap Your Beauty Routine for Summer

How to Swap Your Beauty Routine for Summer

Summer isn’t just a season, it’s a lifestyle. From the clothes, to the activities, to the long, sunny days, we love being able to swap our snow clothes for swimsuits and enjoy more time outdoors. In the same way you swap out your wardrobe, summer is the perfect time to swap out products. Don’t do anything drastic (like changing your ENTIRE routine) but take a good look at the products you’re using and see if maybe a few can stand an upgrade to compete with the heat, sweat and sun.

Ditch your rich cream for a lightweight moisturizer

This one should feel like the easiest and most natural swap and you might have already done it! Even clients with super dry skin can relinquish their heavy creams (looking at you Phyto-Active Face Cream) in favor of something a bit lighter during the warmer months.

If you’re dry and worried, try pairing Daily Hydration+ or Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil with Phyto-Active Light Moisture. You’ll get all the hydration and moisture your skin needs, without weighing you down.

If you’re oily, try Oil Control Emulsion or ditch your moisturizer all together and stick with Daily Hydration only.

Try a sheer tint instead of full coverage foundation

Some of you may love a full face of makeup regardless of the day but others are a bit more skeptical when it comes to rocking it through heat and humidity. If you’re ready to make the change, try ditching your foundation for a lightweight, tinted SPF. We offer two options, which both provide sheer coverage and sun protection.

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between these two best sellers, we’ve got you covered:

Swap your chemical exfoliant for a physical exfoliant

Don’t get us wrong, we love chemical exfoliants but it’s essential that you protect your skin with ample SPF during the day when using active formulas, unless you want to get extra burnt. If you’re going to use a chemical exfoliant, try to keep it in your PM routine. Or, make the switch to a physical exfoliant, so you can worry a little less about any negative side effects. We love Refresh Facial Polish for a nice, midweek pick me up.

Swap your regular mascara for a water resistant version

An obvious choice if you’re going to be outside engaging in any type of water-related activities. Even if you’re just hanging at a BBQ, topping your lashes with Water Resistant Mascara ensures you won’t go full LC (see above).

Upgrade your aloe vera formula

Everyone loves the cooling sensation of aloe vera gel but what if there was an even better ingredient that not only cooled, but also depuffed and firmed skin? It exists, and you can find it in our Soothing Gel Mask, thanks to two unique cucumber extracts. Keep it in the fridge and apply as needed to soothe, hydrate and tone.

Which swap will you make this summer? Want more? Click here to view our favorite summer essentials.

July 8, 2019 By Glo Editor