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Get a FREE mystery gift (up to a $129 value) with orders $110+! Use code: VDAYTREAT23
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Guest Post


This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Get a Tattoo

Are you wary about getting your first tattoo? You may worry about the pain or that you’ll regret it later in life. But let’s put those worries aside for a moment. What you really need to know before getting a tattoo—something that many people don’t ever really consider or understand—is what happens to your body when you choose to get inked up. Continue reading to learn more about the science behind getting a tattoo.

Eating For Beauty: How to Care for Your Skin from the Inside Out

We all know that using great products for your skin is important. Non-toxic, paraben, aroma and dye-free are all great when choosing a proper skincare regimen, but what about your food consumption? Did you know that excess sugar found in most junk foods and sodas can be the reason you’re having those breakouts with hard-to-extract pimples and pustules? Sugar can actually cross-link the proteins in our skin, making our sebum (natural oils) thicker and harder, and excess sodium found in many processed foods can leave your skin dehydrated, which depletes collagen and elastin production, leading to early signs of aging.

3 Anti-Aging Skincare Secrets

Do you wish daily that your skin looked younger? Aging can start in your 20s, or later in midlife depending on your habits and genetics. There are factors you cannot control, like hormonal changes, prior sun exposure, and genetics, but there are several external factors that influence how you and your skin age. It is never too late to take control of those external factors and start a healthy and skin conscious change for the better. Take these skin anti-aging tips below and place them into action today!

Guest Post: Suede Matte Styling with Patterns & Pops

Last but certainly not least we have the electrifying Suede Matte Stick in punch. Ladies, your search for the perfect head turning lip color is over (you’re welcome). With this specific styling we wanted to show you how lip color can be used not only for a fancy night out, but you can also use it for your everyday look. There are no rules when it comes to when and where you can sport a bright lip - it’s always appropriate :)

Guest Post: Suede Matte Styling with Patterns & Pops

The Suede Matte Crayon in sorbet is that perfect lip color that literally goes with EVERY outfit! The most fascinating part about this particular shade of Suede Matte Crayon is that is looks slightly different on each person that wears it. A fairer skin might see a pinker tone, whereas an olive gets a rich berry hue. Obviously, a pink that somehow camouflages itself to look great on any complexion is a Patterns & Pops DREAM lip color!

Guest Post: Suede Matte Styling with Patterns & Pops

Patterns & Pops is so excited to partner with glo throughout the next week to bring you styling tips and fashion inspiration to help you transition your look for summer! As an online clothing boutique specializing in unique, bright and fun pieces (all for less than $100!) we couldn’t help but fall in love with glo’s new Suede Matte Collection. Follow along as we show you how to style our favorite Suede Matte shades with fun, flirty looks.

Bridal Beauty Diary

Hello Everyone! My name is Amy and I am glo’s Content and Communication Specialist. As a newly engaged gal, I started thinking about all of the beauty questions I have as my wedding day quickly approaches: 'How can I fix my biggest skin concerns in time?' 'How do I pick the best makeup artist for my wedding day?' 'When should I start my bridal beauty routine?' I figured I wasn’t the only bride-to-be asking these questions, so with the help of glo’s talented education team I am going to walk you through my seven month bridal beauty diary!

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