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How To Apply Concealer: Pro Tips

Wondering how to apply concealer to get the most natural-looking effect? Concealing is a critical step in achieving complexion perfection but it’s not always the easiest. Here's everything you need to know about concealers

Four Steps to Flawless Foundation

Get your foundation application on-point with this expert guide on how to apply flawless foundation in four easy steps.

Get to Know Glo's New Mineral Foundation Stick

If you don’t know by now, Glo LOVES multi-taskers. And who wouldn’t? They’re perfect for anyone on the go who wants to look their best in the least amount of time as possible. We’re always in favor of when one product can serve multiple purposes. With that in mind, we wanted to create one product that would do it all: all over face foundation coverage, conceal and correct blemishes or under eye circles, contour to add warmth, depth and dimension and highlight to feature the high points of the face. Sounds like a unicorn of a product, right? Nope. It’s our new HD Mineral Foundation Stick.

Your Pimple Emergency Handled in 3 Steps

Waking up to with a pimple emergency is never any fun. Sure, it’s not the end of the world but it can be a blow to your confidence for the day. Not to mention the added stress when it comes at the same time as a particularly big event like a work meeting or date.

Budget Friendly: Mineral Makeup for Any Price Point

When you're in the mood to #treatyoself, what does your budget allow for? Do you like to save up for an occasional big spend or would you rather pick up more frequent, lower priced items?

How-To: Contour and Highlight

Highlighting and contouring has been a popular topic in the beauty industry. From celebrities to YouTube stars, everyone seems to have tips and tricks for creating the perfectly highlighted and contoured face. Glo Skin Beauty has a perfect step-by-step guide on contouring and highlighting featuring our Senior Global Makeup Artist & Educator, Janeena Billera, with our Liquid Bright Concealer.

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

At Glo Skin Beauty, makeup is an extension of your skincare regimen, so it’s important to select skin-healthy makeup that covers, corrects and protects all while making you look and feel your best. With broad spectrum UV protection and antioxidant benefits, it’s no wonder mineral makeup is a favorite among skincare professionals.

9 Hidden Benefits of Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is all the rage, and for good reason. Made from minerals like mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, mineral foundation is better for your skin than regular makeup. Here are nine things you probably didn’t know about mineral makeup foundation that might make you make the switch.

How to Conceal Under Eye Circles & Hyperpigmentation

Concealing both hyperpigmentation and dark under eyes is a challenge. To reduce the look of our model Richa’s main skin concerns, some coverage and corrective concealing techniques are needed.

How to Conceal Redness

From sunburn to rosacea, redness can be caused by a variety of factors. As tough as it may seem to cover up, redness can be concealed with the right tools and color correcting techniques. The Corrective Camouflage Kit contains four sheer and easy to apply corrective concealers used to expertly neutralize and conceal skin discolorations. To conceal redness, use the yellow and mint shades.

Mineral Makeup on a Budget: Pro Tips on What to Pick

For anyone trying to stick to a budget, makeup might seem like something you can skimp on, but when you apply products to your skin every day, you want to be sure you’re spending your pennies on quality ingredients such as those found in mineral makeup. Plus, the perfect mineral lipstick truly can make you look and feel your best.

Cover & Correct with glo minerals

glo minerals offers advanced mineral makeup that helps cover, correct and protect. This month we are focusing on the cover and correct part of that equation by featuring several different concealing options: Camouflage Oil Free, Brightener Highlight Concealer and our Corrective Camouflage Kit. Each of these products not only helps camouflage unwanted pigmentation, but the ingredients actually help your skin heal.

Better Together: Healing Gel & Camouflage Oil Free

Regardless of how diligent we are with our skincare routines, blemishes can happen. And when they do, we want them to disappear as soon as possible. That’s where one of our favorite makeup and skincare duos comes into play. glo therapeutics Healing Gel and glo minerals Oil Free Camouflage work hand in hand to help treat, correct and conceal unwanted blemishes. First, Healing Gel works to help reduce redness, inflammation and  irritation caused by breakout redness while also allowing your skin to heal. Not only does this speed up recovery time, but it helps leave a smooth, clear surface.

Quotes We Love: Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer

With their highlighting and concealing capabilities, Luxe Liquid Bright Concealers are quickly becoming everyday beauty staples for women of all ages and skin types. Take a look at this online review from Wanda and then check out these Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer tutorials for fair to light skin tones, light to medium skin tones, and medium to dark skin tones.

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