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Four Steps to Flawless Foundation
Makeup, How-to

Four Steps to Flawless Foundation

With an array of textures, finishes, and coverage, it can be hard to know which foundation formula is best for your skin, and of course, how to apply it. All about creating that "your skin but better" effect, choose foundations that are powered by skincare ingredients for a second-skin finish that's oh-so natural—even at the fullest coverage. 

To help you create your best complexion ever, our Global Artistry Lead Janeena Rumsey has four easy steps for flawless foundation...

How To Apply Flawless Foundation

How to apply flawless foundation

1. How To Prime Your Skin

Create your own perfect complexion canvas with a primer. Often a step people skip, it's the most important as it delivers a smooth, uniform surface, filling in fine lines and imperfections, while extending the wearability of your foundation.

If you’re finding a lot of smudging, creasing, or disappearing foundation, adding a primer to your morning makeup routine will make a noticeable difference. 

A little primer can go a long way. Most formulas like Face Primer or Tinted Primer SPF 30 can be applied with a liquid foundation brush, but an oil-absorbing formula like Mattifying Primer should be applied with the fingers in small sections.

Our primers use dimethicone—a silicone-based polymer that has a silky texture, plus skincare goodies like antioxidants and hydrators. This conditions and protects the skin against water loss or free radical damage, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

2. Choose Your Foundation

Whether powder, liquid, or cream, in full to sheer coverage, find your mineral foundation formula, then find your color match. If you're struggling to hone in on your shade, our Shade Finder Quiz will help you find the right one. 

The trick to applying the foundation itself flawlessly is also down to the brush you choose. Make sure you have a great all-round foundation brush in your kit like our Dual Foundation and Camouflage Brush. Depending on if you're using a powder or liquid, the bristle structure and shape of the brush will need to be designed to apply that texture seamlessly. A good rule of thumb is the looser the bristles feel the looser the texture—so powders. To apply a liquid or cream foundation, you'll be looking for tightly packed brush or even a blending sponge. Check out our guide to brushes for mineral foundation to find your perfect brush. 

It may sound obvious, but another key thing to consider in your foundation application is the lighting. Having excellent lighting wherever you're applying your foundation will help you blend and buff out the product evenly, without leaving patches or the dreaded jawline streak.

3. Add Concealer

Much as we'd love it to, flawless skin can't always be achieved with the foundation alone, so that’s where concealing comes in. After you apply foundation, you'll likely find that your foundation’s coverage is already hiding any unwanted blemishes, redness, or hyperpigmentation, but you may need a boost to correct and camouflage, especially for sheerer textures. Remember, less is more, and if you add the concealer after the foundation you'll need a lot less product for a more natural look.

And, concealers aren't just about covering up. Concealer can also be used to highlight certain areas of the face and brighten the complexion. These richly pigmented mineral formulas allow you to effortlessly cover imperfections to even and brighten your skin.

4. Set the Complexion

Another skipped over step in our time-pressed lives, is setting your look. Using a setting product will mean your foundation will stay in place all day and the coverage won't fade so fast. You can use a mineral setting powder or a hydrating mist. Designed for weightless coverage and shine reduction, this essential step can take your look from finished to flawless.

Regardless of the type of foundation you prefer, the coverage, and the finish, these steps will guide you to your best foundation application and a glowier, second-skin effect. Don't forget to check out all our guides on brushes, foundation shades, foundation finishes, plus discover the benefits of using a mineral foundation, to perfect your look.

December 16, 2021

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