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Why You Need Full-Spectrum CBD In Your Skincare Routine
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Why You Need Full-Spectrum CBD In Your Skincare Routine

CBD is the current “it” buzzword of the beauty world. You may be familiar with the myriad of benefits it offers within the wellness industry, but did you know about the incredible powers of CBD when it comes to topical use? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about CBD in your skincare routine, including all the juicy info that no one else will. 

But first, we have an announcement. We’re giving CBD a glo-up with our new Anti-Stress CBD Drops! Let Alayne White, Licensed Esthetician, tell you why our serum is the only CBD product you need. 

“Glo’s topical CBD product is not just another CBD product, we surely don’t need one of those, but this product is here to deal with extreme sensitivity, rosacea and is a new addition that skin practitioners need to address the never ending stream of inflammation in our client’s skin.”

Okay, now let’s dive in. Why are our Anti-Stress CBD Drops superior to other CBD serums? Well, we have science on our side. We work with the best labs and dermatologists to bring you the highest quality of CBD and the perfect blend of ingredients to enhance your skincare routine. Our therapeutic adaptogen complex is packed with a proprietary blend of full-spectrum 1000mg cannabidiol, ashwagandha and reishi mushroom. Wait, what does full-spectrum 1000mg cannabidiol mean? Will this product make me high? Is it ingestible? Don’t worry, we have all the answers, keep reading.

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CBD 101

Let’s back up; What is CBD? 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the main compounds found in cannabis plants. There are three types of CBD products derived from cannabis plants: isolate, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum. Isolate contains only one cannabinoid, CBD, which has been chemically “isolated” from the cannabis extract. Broad-spectrum contains CBD and many other natural cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBD, CBC, etc) but no THC. Full-spectrum contains all of the cannabinoids (over 100 different types have been identified) that are naturally occurring in a cannabis plant including THC.

Anti-Stress CBD Drops is a full-spectrum topical serum with a high concentration of CBD, and less than 0.2% THC. The percentage of THC improves the efficacy rate and quality of the product. No, you will not get high with this product (sorry!). We chose to utilize full-spectrum CBD because it takes advantage of the entourage effect. The entourage effect enhances the therapeutic benefits of the individual cannabinoid components as they work together—meaning you receive greater benefits. Hemp and marijuana both belong to the cannabis plant family, and while they have their differences (more on that later!), CBD can be derived from either.

What’s the difference between CBD and Hemp?

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CBD is used in skincare to directly soothe distressed skin cells and restore them to their natural bliss. Although you can find products with either CBD (which is extracted from the flower of the cannabis/hemp plant) or hemp seed oil (which is pressed from the seeds of the cannabis/hemp plant), there’s a huge difference. Hemp seed oil only contains negligible amounts of cannabinoids, often hemp seed oil may not have any CBD in it at all. Many beauty brands market their hemp seed oil product to make you think CBD is in it. This practice is referred to as “weed-washing,” or making it seem as if there’s CBD in a product, when really, it's just hemp seed oil. Topical products formulated with CBD, rather than hemp seed oil, have more significant regenerative, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. This is exactly why experts suggest choosing “full-spectrum CBD” over “broad-spectrum CBD” because without 1000 mg of canibidoil you most likely won’t receive the results you’re looking for. 

How does CBD work and why does it help skin?

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Surprisingly, our body produces its own cannabinoid called anandamide, which is located throughout our endocannabinoid organ system (ECS). The ECS system’s purpose is to keep our skin happy, healthy, and in a balanced state. When this system is out of whack, well, enter blemishes, irritation, oily, dry and even itchy skin. CBD naturally elevates levels of anandamide. Higher levels of anandamide supports your body's own natural process to reduce inflammation. Inflammation can cause redness, irritation, rashes and even breakouts. Full-spectrum CBD gives you smoother, calmer and more radiant skin. This is the key reason why CBD is worth the hype.

woman putting cream with dropper on face

Enter Glo Skin Beauty’s Anti-Stress CBD Drops

And finally, what you’ve all been waiting for. INTRODUCING your new favorite CBD skincare serum. 1000mg full-spectrum cannabidiol and professional calming benefits in just one drop: Anti-Stress CBD Drops — you’re welcome. 

Let’s get into why our proprietary blend is unique and powerful. This high-quality CBD serum targets sunburns, mask irritation (maskne) and seasonal sensitivity. Ok, if you’ve made it this far you know that our product contains full-spectrum cannabidiol, but did you know that this serum is also a therapeutic adaptogenic complex? Meaning, it contains ashwagandha (hot topic) and reishi mushroom. 

Adaptogens are mushrooms, herbs, or plants. When added to your skincare routine, these powerhouse ingredients protect your skin and complexion by fighting stress and allowing your body to adapt to a changing or stressful environment (which we all need right now). Research shows that ashwagandha is an extremely effective antioxidant and increases collagen production in the body. It’s high levels of antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals, promoting vibrant skin. All in all, this is a complex and effective ingredient to help treat signs of aging, sun damage, blemishes, acne scarring, and fine lines. 

Reishi mushroom is also a star ingredient because it’s deeply hydrating and detoxifying. It contains beta glucans, a chain of antioxidant glucose molecules that are responsible for attracting water from the environment to your skin. Let’s get some ashwagandha and reishi in our skincare routine asap, because who doesn’t want more hydrated and clear skin? 

As you can see, we’re so excited for you to try Anti-Stress CBD Drops; the perfect CBD serum for skin inflammation, anti-aging, acne from inflammation and the ultimate soothing elixir.

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August 31, 2020