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What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

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What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

What's On Your Beauty Shelf?



Name: Anna De La Cruz
Department: Marketing
Skin Type: Oily and sensitive (a tricky combination!)


Morning Skin Care Routine: My focus in the morning is to refresh and protect my skin. I start with Purifying Gel Cleanser and follow with Purifying Tonic. I consider this my "refreshing/hydrating" step. Next, I add some much needed moisture to my skin with Advanced B5 Hydration and Oil Free Moisturizer followed by  Oil Free SPF 40+ (ALWAYS!).


Evening Skin Care Routine: My skin care focus in  the evening is to remove the day and to refine and treat my skin. I cleanse again with the Purifying Gel Cleanser. One to two times a week I also use an exfoliant and a mask such as Daily Polishing Cleaner and Soothing Gel Mask. I try to do both the same night to get the most benefit. In the evenings I also apply Renew Serum before my Oil Free Moisturizer and finish with Eye Restore. If I need to treat blemishes I will spot treat with Clear Skin Spot Treatment. This is a must-have for everyone!


Makeup (or Hair Care) Routine: My hair care routine consists of shampooing and conditioning with the Volume Infusion Lift Enhancing duo. I follow that with the Reparative Keratin Leave-In Treatment and Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. I keep my  makeup light and natural with Pressed Base, Blush, Gloss and Mascara!


Can’t Live Without Products: I can’t live without Advanced B5 Hydration! It gives your skin an instant drink of water and alleviates any tightness caused by dry skin. It’s also a great prep for makeup! Renew Serum is another  must for my oily/sensitive skin. It lightly exfoliates and smooths without any irritation. I also take sun protection seriously and wear Oil Free SPF 40+ every day! Another favorite is Infinite Shine Smoothing Oil. My hair has never been softer and it lightly detangles making this the ultimate morning hair product!  My most recent glo minerals obsession is Gloss. There are so many shades, so little time! I love the light feel and the wonderful conditioning formula. Right now I'm hooked on blushing! I also love Water Resistant Mascara and Matte Perfecting Powder!


April 12, 2013 By Anna De La Cruz

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous
    Sounds like a great routine, Anna. I like the Advanced B5 Hydration too but my newest can't live without product is Lip Revival.