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What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

Name: Amanda von dem Hagen

Department/Position: glo National Educator

Skin Type: Normal to dry with occasional breakouts and sensitivity

Skin Tone: Light

Skin Concerns: Anti-aging, occasional breakouts, some melasma

Morning Skincare Routine: I prefer to use a cleanser for breakouts in the morning to help me remove any oil that gathered overnight, so I cleanse with Purifying Gel Cleanser. I am in love with this cleanser because it helps fight breakouts and signs of aging. After cleansing, I tone with Calming Flower Mist which instantly cools and calms my skin.

My next step is one of the most important parts for anti-aging: Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a gold standard ingredient in skincare and is needed in the skin to produce collagen. Long story short, without Vitamin C, you will not have a chance at looking young for long! I have used all of glo’s Vitamin C serums, and I’m currently using our Daily Power C. The salt to Vitamin C’s pepper is Hyaluronic Acid. I always follow my Vitamin C application with Daily Hydration+. Ever since this product was launched, I don’t go a day without it! It hydrates and plumps my skin, plus there is an ingredient called Brestine in it which firms skin within 15 minutes and lasts for up to 6 hours!

Next, I treat my eye area with Phyto-Active Eye Serum to help fight those pesky circles and crow’s feet. When needed, I apply Clear Skin Spot Treatment to any problem areas. To moisturize, I use Oil Free Moisturizer or Balancing Moisture Remedy, lightweight moisturizers that add enough hydration and look beautiful under makeup! Whether the sun is or is not out, I always finish my skincare routine with Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+.

Evening Skincare Routine: Essential Cleansing Oil and Gentle Makeup Remover are always my first two steps to make sure all of my makeup is removed. I then double cleanse with Gentle Cream Cleanser or Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser. Both deeply cleanse without stripping away my skin’s moisture.

After the cleansing step, my nightly routine differs depending on how my skin feels. I either use the Calming Flower Mist or Glycolic Resurfacing Toner. I use the Glycolic toner when my skin needs a boost of exfoliation due to breakouts or texture irregularities. I then apply Phyto-Active Eye Cream. If I have breakouts, I spot treat with the Clear Skin Spot Treatment, which has 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, a fantastic antibacterial ingredient. Note: be careful with towels and sheets, this ingredient will turn them white!

Depending on what issues I have with my skin, I will choose the Renew Serum (breakouts), Brightening Serum (dullness) or Corrective Soothing Serum (sensitized). After allowing the serum to absorb for 10-15 minutes, I apply Balancing Moisture Remedy, Conditioning Hydration Cream or Soothing Gel Mask and leave it on while I go to sleep for an intense boost of my skin’s hydration.

Makeup Routine: The final step of my morning skincare routine is the first step of my makeup routine. I always prep my skin with the Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+. This product is a hydrator, SPF, tint and primer all in one! For days when I want my foundation to look flawless and last all day, I apply Face Primer.

Before applying foundation, I apply my brows and eye makeup. The Brow Powder Duo applied with the Dual Brow/Liner Brush is my eyebrow savior! I am a natural blonde, so my brows look nonexistent without this product. The powder duo allows me to custom create a shade and deepen my brow color for days I want more drama. I highly recommend the duo in taupe, it is the perfect shade!

I don’t go a day without Shadow Primer. I use the Dual Fiber Eye Brush to apply a sheer layer from lashline to brow bone. I have several Eye Shadow favorites that I use day to day. Here are some of my go to’s:

  • highlight: bamboo or diamond
  • base: haze, sand pebble or coy
  • transition: twig or vintage
  • crease: kona, dove or mahogany

I love single shadows so that I can play with more colors, but trios are so easy! My favorite is Eye Shadow Trio in coffee. I am also a huge fan of our Cream Stay Shadow Sticks, especially beam and pitch from the Spectrum Shadow Mix. Beam is a beautiful base shade for when I want a neutral shimmer and pitch is a deep, matte black ideal for a quick smoky eye or liner.

My favorite eye brushes are the Detail Blender and Petite Smudge Brush. I use Liquid Ink to create a winged look or Precise Micro Eyeliner for tightlining or when I would prefer a matte finish to the glossy from Liquid Ink.

After I finish the eyes, I apply Pressed Base with the Ultra Brush if I am a little on the oily side, or Luxe Liquid Foundation with the Luxe Foundation Brush if I’m feeling dry. I follow with Liquid Bright Concealer in shade Sunburst with the Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush to conceal and brighten my under eye area.

Ever since the Contour Kit was introduced in August, I don’t go a day without applying contour and highlight with the new Contour/Highlight Brush! Before applying the shimmer highlight, I choose a blush, which I blend into the contour placed on my cheeks. My favorite Blush shades are papaya, nectar and sandalwood. I set my look with Luminous Setting Powder applied with the Tapered Setting Powder Brush and a quick spritz of Hydration Mist.

After my face looks flawless, I apply Lash Thickener & Conditioner followed by Lash Boosting Mascara. I am a huge fan of both of these products, especially since I want my lashes to be long and luscious forever! Ingredients like Panthenol and Vitamin E help nourish and strengthen lashes over time.

Throughout the day, I will apply different lipstick shades. I usually start the day with an application of Lip Revival followed by a Cream Glaze Crayon. Around lunchtime, I will switch over to a Suede Matte Crayon. Some of my favorite shades in Suede Matte & Cream Glaze are: crush, pop, sorbet, dahlia, praline, and port… who am I kidding? I love all of them! I carry them all in my purse every day.

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November 10, 2015
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