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Top Beauty Trends for 2019
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Top Beauty Trends for 2019

As we wrap up the first month of 2019, it’s safe to say there are several emerging trends that we already can’t get enough of: Lady Gaga’s monochrome Golden Globes look, Marie Kondo-ing our entire home and the general mood that is Ariana Grande. A lot can change in a year and we’d be lying if said we weren’t happy to see some 2018 trends die (looking at you, halo brows) but we think 2019 will be all about change: from brands finally ditching their old-school ways of thinking to clients understanding and transforming their skin. Without further ado, here are the top trends we expect to see in 2019:

Cruelty Free

close up of bunny with one ear down

If you didn’t already know, Glo is a PETA-approved brand and member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. This means we vow never to test products on animals, allow others to test on animals on their behalf, use raw ingredients tested on animals or enter into business markets like China that require animal testing. Although cruelty-free business practices are not new to us, they are not accepted by 100% of companies. Thankfully, this issue is gaining attention in the beauty space. We are thrilled to see more brands making the switch everyday and hope the future involves cruelty-free products as the norm, not the exception.

Shade Range Expansion

three women smiling with arms around

Easily one of the most talked about topics in recent beauty history- and for good reason. Expanding shade ranges is an immensely important topic for beauty brands to cover, as it promotes inclusivity in an industry focused on self expression. In an effort to be more inclusive in our own product line, Glo is excited to share that we have several new updates to our shade range, coming later this year!

Healthy Skin

woman smiling with flower headband

Not everyone can afford the time and money it takes to visit a professional for a facial but that doesn’t mean you should be denied a fresh-faced glow. 2019 is all about using products with high quality ingredients to help extend the life of an occasional professional treatment or keep your skin looking bright and glowing without a trip to the spa. Not sure where to begin? All of our skincare products are professional-quality but our top picks are Renew Serum, Glycolic Resurfacing Toner, Restorative Mask and Refresh Facial Polish.

Professional Services

back of woman showing hands

On the flip side, if your lifestyle permits you to take regular appointments with a professional, do it! There are so many new treatments available, including ones that address additional concerns on your hands, neck, back, etc. to keep your skin looking healthier longer. Be sure to research estheticians/skin therapists and dermatologists in your area and don’t be afraid to ask questions before, during and after your service. You’re paying for a service on your skin, you deserve to fully understand what products and procedures they’re using.

Living Coral

close up of orange flowers

We always love when the Pantone Color of the Year can be represented through beauty and what better color to do so than Living Coral! If you haven’t already checked out this lighthearted shade you need to- it’s a punchy, orange-pink that perfectly embodies its name. Expect to see both monochromatic coral looks and stand alone features on the eyes, cheeks or lips. Ready to shop? Take a look at some of our favorite coral shades:

Ingredients Knowledge

womans hand on laptop next to mobile phone

We’ve said it before- skincare is having a moment. And with this, comes A LOT of information flying around, both fact and fiction. In an effort to help you be more informed in your product selection process, we’re aiming to take a deeper dive on some of our top ingredients (see our first one here). We stand behind every single one of our ingredients and can’t wait to share them with you.

January 25, 2019
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