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The 5 Eye Shadow Brushes Everyone Should Own
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The 5 Eye Shadow Brushes Everyone Should Own

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, makeup brushes are critical to a flawless makeup application. Using even the best makeup with the worst tools will result in a less than desireable look. We’ve shared our favorite foundation brushes for mineral makeup along with our makeup brush guide, and now we bring you our top five eye shadow brushes that everyone should own.

1. Eye Base Brush

An Eye Base Brush is the ideal tool for applying shadow to the lid. A dense and wide brush will give you the most color impact upon application. Artists often use the phrase “packing on color,” and this type of brush is best for that.

2. Eye Blender Brush

When in doubt, blend, blend, blend. Sometimes an unblended cut crease creates a striking look, but most days that’s not the effect you want. Blend color into the crease and soften the edges of your eye shadow using a fluffy, dome-shaped Eye Blender Brush. Alternatively, this brush can be used to apply a sheer dusting of color on the lid.

3. Crease Brush

But wait, I have an eye blender, why do I need a crease brush? A Crease Brush, which is smaller and more dense, will give you a much more targeted shadow application. After adding color with this brush, you can sheer and blend as needed with your blender. This brush can also be used to apply color to the outer corner to add depth.

4. Mini Crease Brush

I promise, we’re not playing a trick on you. A crease brush and a Detail Shader Brush serve quite different purposes! This ultra-defined tool will allow you to apply pigment exactly where you want it, the ideal detail brush for small areas. Need to delicately deepen the outer corner of the eyes without going all out? Need to layer in deep browns and blacks to the crease for a dramatic eye without hitting raccoon status? This is your new best friend. You can also use this brush to bring color down to the lower lashline. It’s just the right density to allow you to deposit color and blend when needed. We are often asked which brush we would pick between the Crease Brush and Mini Crease brush, and the answer is BOTH.

5. Smudge Brush

You can apply all-over lid color, add crease color, blend to your heart’s content and get in there for detailed application, what more could a person want? I’ll give you a hint: a Smudge Brush. This short, compact brush is amazing for smudging cream and pencil eyeliner and applying eye shadow as liner. Since the hairs are so tightly packed, you’ll pick up more powder than a loose brush, so tap off your brush before applying color to avoid fallout.
April 14, 2017 By Glo Editor