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Get a FREE mystery gift (up to a $129 value) with orders $110+! Use code: VDAYTREAT23
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How to Reveal Your Best Skin with Exfoliation

As our skin cells regenerate in their normal life cycle, old/dead cells naturally slough away, giving way to new cells. This natural process slows down as we age, causing dead cells to build up on skin’s surface, resulting in dry and dull looking skin.

5 Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate

Exfoliation is often considered an 'added' step when it comes to homecare, beyond the basics like cleansing, toning, moisturizing and SPF. It can often be overlooked or forgotten, since it does require (at least a minimal) time commitment and especially if you do not understand its importance.

5 Reasons Why You Should Exfoliate (Updated 2018)

Exfoliation is often considered an 'added' step beyond the basics when it comes to home care. It can often be overlooked or forgotten, since it requires a time commitment and knowledge of how and why you should exfoliate.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Microbeads

Starting in July 2018, less than two years from now, the US will ban the production of personal care products and cosmetics containing plastic microbeads. Glo Skin Beauty is not waiting to take action.

The Difference Between Chemical And Physical Exfoliants (Updated 2019)

You have your basic skincare regimen down to a tee, but what about exfoliation? Exfoliants should be used to help smooth and revive a dull, tired complexion. Most people think of scrubs with beads or other granules when they think of exfoliation, but there are more possibilities.

Eating For Beauty: How to Care for Your Skin from the Inside Out

We all know that using great products for your skin is important. Non-toxic, paraben, aroma and dye-free are all great when choosing a proper skincare regimen, but what about your food consumption? Did you know that excess sugar found in most junk foods and sodas can be the reason you’re having those breakouts with hard-to-extract pimples and pustules? Sugar can actually cross-link the proteins in our skin, making our sebum (natural oils) thicker and harder, and excess sodium found in many processed foods can leave your skin dehydrated, which depletes collagen and elastin production, leading to early signs of aging.

Product Highlight: Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub

Is it just us or are pumpkins really having a moment? This fall season more than ever it seems like everywhere you turn there is pumpkin flavored something hitting the shelves. But did you know that the antioxidants found in pumpkin help increase skin’s moisture absorption and elasticity? That’s why glo therapeutics’ beloved Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub is a top selling product all year long!

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