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Q&A: Treating Dark Spots

One of the most common skin concerns our clients want to address is dark spots. Also known as age spots or sun spots, these pesky problems are one of the first signs of aging, sometimes even before wrinkles or loss of elasticity. Today we are answering some of the most common questions regarding the treatment of dark spots:

Which glo therapeutics professional treatments target dark spots?

Working with a professional skin therapist or dermatologist to create a customized treatment program that targets dark spots is a great way to see dramatic results. We recommend our Lactic 15% which targets pigmentation discoloration while exfoliating or our Modified Jessner 14% which is designed to have a truly transformative effect. It works to reduce the appearance of melasma and stubborn age spots while creating dramatic changes in the skin.

Can I brighten my dark birthmark or my freckles?

It’s important to differentiate between genetic discoloration (think a birthmark or freckles) and sun induced dark spots. If the spot in question changes in color with the seasons (ie darker in the summer and then lighter in the winter) or you’ve had the spot since childhood it is most likely a genetic spot that will not be susceptible to treatment in the long run. However, if the spots are new or seem to get darker with time this could very well be caused by sun damage and treatment success is more likely.

What is the difference between the Brightening Serum and Lightening Serum?

The biggest differentiator between the two serums is that Lightening Serum contains 2% Hydroquinone, a very powerful skin lightener that inhibits the synthesis of melanin. In addition to Hydroquinone, Lightening Serum contains Lactic and Salicylic Acids. In contrast, Brightening Serum relies on botanical lighteners such as Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry Bark and Bearberry Extract to deliver results. Read more tips on picking the right serum for you here.

Can I use Brightening or Lightening Serums while pregnant?

We always recommend talking to your doctor about all products you are using or plan to use during your pregnancy.

My dark spot is looking darker instead of lighter since starting treatment. Why is that?

Some dark spots live closer to the surface of your skin also known as the epidermal layer. These spots are easier to treat since there are fewer layers of skin for the pigment to travel through before reaching the surface. However, if your dark spot is deeper, reaching the lower layers of the epidermis or dermis, the spot is more difficult to treat. Because the spot is deeper it might appear lighter to begin with and as the treatment starts working the pigment is being drawn towards the surface. The closer it gets to the surface the darker it will look. Don’t worry or stop treatment because it means the treatment working!

How often should I use Brightening Serum? Lightening Serum?

Because it contains very powerful ingredients, we only recommend using a small amount of Lightening Serum as a spot treatment once or twice daily. Brightening Serum can be applied as a spot treatment or all over the face once or twice daily. We also recommend using Lightening Serum for 6 month intervals and then waiting 1-2 months before starting a new course of treatment. Brightening Serum can be used continuously until desired results are reached.

Is there any other product to use while focusing on a brightening regimen?

While daily sunscreen is a recommendation for everyone year round, it is even more imperative when using brightening products. Sun exposure can trigger additional melanin production, if skin is unprotected this can defeat the purpose of your brightening products! See the best brightening results when coupling brightening products with spf of 30+ on a daily basis. [products skus="19925,13059,60056,28706"]
September 23, 2014
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