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What's On Your Beauty Shelf?

Name: Tabitha Lilly

Department/Position: Outside Sales Consultant for Kentucky

Skin Type: Combination/Acne Prone Skin

Skin Concern: Aging Skin

Skin Tone: Medium

Morning Skincare Routine: I start by cleansing my skin with Purifying Gel Cleanser. It’s perfect for my combination/acne prone skin because it has Salicylic Acid (a key ingredient for acne) which deeply cleanses my pores without stripping away natural moisture. I will alternate this with the Daily Polishing Cleanser which cleanses and exfoliates my skin. I try to exfoliate three times a week. I then take a Clear Complexion Pad, which is considered a toner for acne prone skin, and gently scrub my face. Next, I apply 15% Vitamin C which gives my skin the antioxidant protection to fight free radicals. I follow this with the Daily Hydration which has Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a great lightweight moisturizer and it helps plump the skin. I apply my favorite eye product, Phyto-Active Eye Serum, which targets under eye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The final step in my morning skincare routine is Solar Shade SPF 50. It is an all physical mineral sunscreen which makes it perfect for my acne prone skin. Plus, it’s free of parabens, gluten, dyes, soy, nuts and fragrance!

Evening Skincare Routine: First, I use our Gentle Makeup Remover to remove all of my eye makeup and then I use the Essential Cleansing Oil to remove all remaining face makeup. Next, I cleanse my skin with the Clear Skin Cleanser followed by a quick swipe with a Clear Complexion Pad. I apply the Tretinol 0.5% every other night to help increase collagen production and cell turnover and I use the Triple Action Serum on the nights that I do not use my Tretinol 0.5%. This serum targets every single concern I have with my skin!!! I use the Phyto-Active Eye Cream for hydration, puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Trust me - this eye cream is AMAZING!!!! My final step is my moisturizer. I will alternate between the Conditioning Hydration Cream in the winter and the Oil Control Emulsion in the summer. Now it is time to repair my skin and give my body some much needed rest!

Makeup Routine: I love makeup! And I love everything in the glo minerals line! Because I am acne prone, I start out with the Sheer Tint Illuminator for my face primer. I will then follow with either Luminous Liquid Liquid Foundation SPF 18 in almond (applied with my FAVORITE Flat-top Kabuki Brush) or Pressed Base in honey medium . I like to use Luminous in the winter when I am drier and I use the Pressed Base in the summer when I am oilier. I use different brushes depending on the coverage I want each day but I love to use the Dual Fiber Face Brush to apply my Pressed Base. I LOVE the Contour Kit because it slims my face and makes me look like I had a "face lift". I also use the Liquid Bright Concealer in sunburst to help with the darkness under my eyes and to camouflage the hollowness. I love that these concealers do not accentuate the lines under my eyes.

Moving on to cheeks and lips, I apply Blush in papaya (don't be scared of this color - it is not as bright as it looks). I love both the Suede Matte Crayons and the Cream Glaze Crayons and I alternate them daily depending on what I am wearing. I absolutely love the Cream Glaze Crayon in bloom ! I also wear the Precise Micro Lipliners - they are my favorite!! I alternate between pale magenta and ambrosia rose . I always have a backstock of these!

For eyes, I love the Cream Liner in ebony and espresso . I have oily eyelids so these actually stay on my eyes. I also use our Shadow Primer to keep my Eye Shadow from creasing and wearing off. I swear by our Lash Thickener and Conditioner and I apply several coats of this before I apply our Volumizing Mascara in black . I also love our Brow Collection. It helps give my brows a natural arch and it contains a great highlighter.

My final step is a spritz of our Moist Hydration Mist. Minerals love water and this has Hyaluronic Acid which holds 1000 times its weight in water. Plus, it helps make your makeup transfer resistant and sweat resistant! This setting spray can be used throughout the day when you want your makeup to look fresh again or if you are traveling and need some hydration. I am now ready to take on my day!!

Must Have Products: Clear Skin Cleanser, 15% Vitamin C, Phyto-Active Eye Serum, Solar Shade SPF 50, Luxe Foundation and Flat-top Kabuki Brush and the Precise Micro Lipliners.  

October 22, 2015
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