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How to Apply Mineral Makeup Bronzer to Fair Skin

Having fair skin doesn’t have to mean bronzer is off limits. As long as you use the right shade, tools and techniques, anyone with fair to light skin can get that back-from-the-beach summer glow using mineral makeup without looking like an oompa loompa.

The Best Bronzer Shade for Fair Skin

Remember that the end goal is natural-looking warmth, so go for a bronzer that’s a few shades deeper than your natural skin tone. If your skin is warm and you use a cool-toned bronzer, your face could end up looking dirty or muddy. Luckily, most bronzers are warm anyway.

If your skin is cool with pink undertones, you’ll want a little added warmth while avoiding anything too orange. Having a tough time finding that perfect shade? You might try browsing pressed powder instead of bronzing powder.

When to Apply Mineral Makeup Bronzer

After foundation and concealer are applied, your face can look one-dimensional. Add a bit of color to define your features with a powder bronzer after applying a finishing powder but before applying blush. With a touch of golden radiance, you’ll want to go light on the blush by sticking to a sheer pink flush or skipping blush altogether. If you’re working with a cream formula bronzer, you can apply your finishing powder afterward to set the cream.

Bronzer Placement & Application for Fair Skin

Softly sculpt your features by applying your bronzer where the sun hits your skin to create a sunkissed effect. Start with your hairline, cheeks, jawline and neck to warm your features. Here at glo minerals, we like to use sunkiss Bronze because it features two shades that you can blend to create a custom bronzer for any complexion.

Put down the kabuki! Avoid using a brush that’s too dense or full otherwise you could end up with way too much product where you don’t want or need it. To apply, we love the Tapered Setting Powder Brush because the soft bristles allow for delicate application and amazing blendability while the tapered, tulip shape is ideal for precise product placement.

The key is to blend, blend and blend some more. That’s what makes it look so natural. You don’t want obvious streaks framing your face but rather a subtle hint of color.

Have you ever done your makeup and left the house before you realized your color looked way different than you thought? Before you head out, check out your handy work in the natural light of a window, away of the yellow hue of your bathroom light bulbs, to get a look at the true color.

Can bronzer be applied to fair skin? It sure can. You just need to make sure to pick the best mineral makeup bronzer for your skin tone and apply it properly for the perfect, no-consequences, faux glow.

March 16, 2016
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