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Face Brushes 101
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Face Brushes 101

In the world of beauty, one of the most important categories frequently goes overlooked and that’s brushes. Using the correct brush for the look you’re trying to achieve can drastically change your outcome. Think of brushes as your tools- you wouldn’t use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail, would you? The same can be said for using a densely packed, full coverage brush to apply concealer- it won’t quite turn out the way you want. If you’ve ever felt lost in a sea of bristles or just want a quick refresher, take a look at our favorite face brushes and how to use them below:

Foundation Face Brushes

Glo foundation products

Sheer Coverage

When applying foundation, if going for a sheer/natural look, you’ll want to use a brush with soft, fluffy bristles that are not densely packed. The looser the bristles, the less product will be picked up and applied to your skin. Dual Fiber Face Brush is perfect for achieving this effortless look . Try it with Loose Base to enhance the gorgeous dewy, finish. Pro Tip: Dual Fiber Face can also be used to blend out or remove excess product that was applied with a denser brush (just make sure it’s clean to start!).

Medium Coverage

For medium coverage, you’ll want to choose a brush that has shorter, denser bristles, but not so tightly packed that they don’t move. Our go-to for medium coverage is the Flat-top Kabuki Brush, which also comes in a travel friendly size! The bristles are dense but they can still move product around for the perfect balance between sheer and full coverage. We love pairing this brush with our top-selling Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18.

Another great option is the Dual Fiber Cheek Brush, which contains the same dual fiber bristles as the Dual Fiber Face Brush, just shorter and more tightly packed. This makes it a great brush for applying both powder and cream blushes, but it is also a stand out for applying foundation! Try it with Satin Cream Foundation to achieve a slightly more sheer result.

Full Coverage

Full coverage more your style? Rest assured, we didn’t forget about you! If full coverage powder is what you’re after, we recommend our Pro Kabuki Brush. This densely packed brush provides incredible coverage by maximizing the foundation’s formula. Use it with Pressed Base and you may not even need to add a concealer!

Looking for a brush to tackle your liquid formula full coverage needs? Try our Angled Complexion Brush, which features angled bristles to help you master the contours of your face. Use it to build coverage, from medium to full, for a flawless, airbrushed effect.

Camouflage Brushes

Glo Concealers

When concealing and camouflaging, it’s important to consider both the formula of your concealer (powder or cream) and the size of the affected area. For an all-in-one option, choose Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush, which offers two brush sizes to handle almost any issue.

For a more precise tool to use with cream formulas, we prefer our Full Coverage Camouflage Brush. The flat bristles allow you to expertly place product wherever needed to conceal smaller imperfections.

Setting Powder Brushes

Glo face brushes

Ready to set your look? Regardless of your setting powder of choice, we recommend using a soft, fluffy brush to lightly dust product on as your final step. For use with a pressed setting powder like Perfecting Powder, we recommend our Powder Perfector Brush, which helps mattify (without drying) your complexion. For more precision (like when baking) use a brush with a pointed tip like our Tapered Setting Powder Brush.


We couldn’t post about face brushes without including our Brush Cleaner. If you use brushes to apply makeup, you need to make sure you clean them regularly to prevent product build up. Skipping this critical step can lead to more skin issues including acne and irritation. Use Brush Cleaner in between full cleanings to ensure your brushes are free of bacteria and product.

Want more? Learn about our completely synthetic face brushes and why you should make the switch from natural hair.

June 10, 2019
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