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Do You Really Need Eye Cream?
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Do You Really Need Eye Cream?

A common question asked by skincare professionals and their clients is, “Do I really need a specialized product for the eye area?” Some believe that your face serum or moisturizer is more than appropriate for use around the eye area, as long as the skin (and oil production) around your eyes is the same or consistent as that of your face.

But, we know that the skin around the eyes is typically not the same as the rest of your face, it’s thinner, more delicate, lacks oil production and endures the stress of repetitive facial movements. All of this can overwork and dry out the tissue surrounding the eyes, leading to signs of wear and tear and contributing to expression lines.

The eyes can have additional issues with discoloration and fluid buildup that leads to puffiness. Genetics plays a role in this as well as: allergies, lack of sleep, aging and lifestyle habits, including sun exposure. Even if you do not consider your overall skin as sensitive, it’s a good rule of thumb to recognize and treat the eyes under this category. Therefore, choose products specifically formulated to treat this delicate tissue.

An antioxidant boost is important to protect your skin from environmental damage. 7.5% Vitamin C Eye utilizes a lower dose of L-ascorbic Acid to help brighten and improve elasticity. In addition, key actives like Snap 8, target and block transmission of signals to contract wrinkle-causing muscles, helping reduce and soften the appearance of fine lines around the eye area. Due to the naturally acidic nature of Vitamin C, this formula is most appropriate for Oily Skin, Combination Skin and Dry Skin.

For a lightweight eye cream appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive, that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and puffiness, Eye Restore is a great choice. This formula blends Vitamin K to help prevent dark circles, peptides to help firm with antioxidants like Green Tea for damage control. You can’t go wrong with this top seller.

If you need additional moisture, the next level, medium weight choice would be Vital Eye Cream. It deeply hydrates, to smooth and revitalize the eye area with peptides, vitamins and antioxidants. The rich formula may be too active for sensitive skin.

With so many options and ingredients available that target concerns such as combating under eye circles or puffiness, why not choose a formula specifically developed for this area versus using your standard face products? Go easy on your eyes and give them exactly what they need with specialized eyecare products.

May 10, 2016
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