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Eating For Beauty: How to Care for Your Skin from the Inside Out

Photo courtesy of The Skin Y Chef. Guest post by Kristal Provencher.

We all know that using great products for your skin is important. Non-toxic, paraben, aroma and dye-free are all great when choosing a proper skincare regimen, but what about your food consumption? Did you know that excess sugar found in most junk foods and sodas can be the reason you’re having those breakouts with hard-to-extract pimples and pustules? Sugar can actually cross-link the proteins in our skin, making our sebum (natural oils) thicker and harder, and excess sodium found in many processed foods can leave your skin dehydrated, which depletes collagen and elastin production, leading to early signs of aging. It is so important to have both healthy eating and skincare habits, which is why I started my blog, The Skin Y Chef. I want to give women and men access to delicious, healthy recipes to help them understand that healthy skin starts within, and you can actually enjoy what you’re eating. I, personally, try to stick to a mostly paleo and gluten-free diet, only because I know the importance of eating whole foods. Most gluten-filled products are highly processed and have many artificial ingredients, which are horrible for our bodies and skin. Paleo eating is really just consuming foods that are found in nature and eliminating those that aren’t. You wouldn’t find a rice crispy treat growing anywhere in nature, nor would you find French fries or even cereal. Are these foods ok to consume from time to time? Sure! But I try to minimize my intake, because I want a healthy, working body and beautiful, healthy skin for as long as I can! Some of my favorite ingredients to work with are found in nature. I use honey, pure maple syrup or agave nectar in place of sugar whenever I can. I love arrowroot (which is a starch extracted from tropical plants), as a thickener in sauces or added to coating meats. I also love fresh lemon and herbs. Adding a few sprigs of fresh cilantro or dill to any dish can really make a world of difference. [bctt tweet="Did you know eating well can actually make your skincare regimen work even better? #showyourglo" via="no"] Did you know eating well can actually make your skincare regimen work even better? I choose to use [Glo Skin Beauty] because the ingredients are great for my body and skin. As an esthetician, I choose to use these products, solely, on my clients and myself because they go along perfectly with my lifestyle and message. Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub smells amazing, and because I know that it has proteolytic properties (enzymes that break down other enzymes), I feel confident knowing that my clients will enjoy the application and their hyperpigmentation (dark, uneven spots) will be diminished. [Glo Skin Beauty] has no parabens, artificial colors or fragrances, so I feel confident applying these products on my clients who have allergies and celiac disease. Eating great, delicious, good-for-you food can be difficult if you’re trying to break bad habits or don’t know where to begin, so check out The Skin Y Chef for the most delicious, easy recipes to try for yourself! In the meantime, I highly recommend using [Glo Skin Beauty] products to see the best results and feel confident knowing you are using products great for your body and skin.

About Kristal Provencher

An esthetician by day, Kristal knows the importance of putting certain ingredients on her skin and eliminating others. As a “chef” for fun, she knows the importance of putting certain foods in her body and eliminates those that are harmful. Kristal wrote the cookbook The Dirty Apron and is the author of The Skin Y Chef, a combination of healthy recipes, skincare tips and pictures.

March 28, 2016
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