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Before & After: Acne and Impaction Treatment

When it comes to treating acne, there isn’t a “one size fits all” fix. Because there are so many different types and symptoms of acne, it is extremely important to treat each individual’s case with a unique and systematic approach. This client came to us with acneic skin that included impactions around her chin and jawline.

What are impactions?  Simply put, they are clogged pores.  But, what we think of as being “a pore” is really the opening to the follicle.  It extends deep into the skin.  Attached to it are the sebaceous glands that secrete oil into the follicle. Lining the sides of the follicle are skin cells.  When there is too much oil and too many dead skin cells they mix together and block the opening forming an impaction.  At the very least, they are unsightly bumps, but left untreated they can develop into acneic lesions.

Our team developed a unique in-home and professional treatment regimen to target the problem areas with the end goal of clear, healthy and radiant skin. The client started with an in-home treatment program for several months followed with a series of professional treatments that were tailored to fit the client’s goals. Several peels were performed to find the most effective treatment and as the months progressed the peels became stronger and more aggressive. As a result, the client’s skin condition and texture improved dramatically.

Acne & Impaction Homecare Routine:

AM Routine:

PM Routine:

Acne & Impaction Professional Treatment:

Month 1: Enzyme and extractions
Month 2: Enzyme followed by one layer of Salicylic 30%
Month 3: Pro 5 Exfoliant followed by extractions followed by two layers of Salicylic 30%
Month 4: Glycolic 30% followed by three layers of Salicylic 30%
Month 5: Alternating layers of Salicylic 30% and Modified Jessner 14% (two layers of each) Month 6: Two layers of Modified Jessner followed by Retinol + C Exfoliant and left on

To find a glo retailer for professional treatments similar to these listed above, please call 1-800-232-0398.

January 23, 2015
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