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Meet Alpha Arbutin: Your New Favorite Skin-Brightener
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Meet Alpha Arbutin: Your New Favorite Skin-Brightener

If you’re looking for a brighter way to diminish skin discoloration such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, or even just to amp up your dull complexion, there’s an under-the-radar hero ingredient that’s about to seriously revolutionize your skincare ritual. Step forward alpha arbutin - nature’s answer to an Instagram filter. This powerhouse ingredient effectively treats pigmentation issues and boosts brightness safely without the unwanted side effects of its former counterpart, hydroquinone. Nature-approved, dermatologist-recommended, alpha arbutin is beauty’s best kept brightening secret and we’re here to spill.

What Is Alpha Arbutin?

“Alpha arbutin is a natural brightening agent found in the bearberry plant,” explains Dr. Nina Desai, Board-Certified Medical and Cosmetic Dermatologist. “It inhibits the function of the enzyme tyrosinase, which prevents the formation of melanin. It's known as the natural hydroquinone. Hydroquinone itself is a bleaching agent, but alpha arbutin is a much more gentle and safe alternative. It functions similarly due to its molecular structure, but without that irritation or toxicity. ” she adds.

What Are The Benefits Of Alpha Arbutin?

Most of us will experience dull or lackluster skin at some point—and alpha arbutin provides a radiant boost for that, but it’s so much more than just a quick-fix brightener. For more lasting skin damage such as acne marks, brown or dark spots, and general sun damage, by inhibiting the formation of melanin, alpha arbutin essentially helps fade these marks, and also prevent them too.

“It’s incredibly effective in working to brighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots,” Dr. Nina shares. “I love to recommend it to my patients with any pigmentation issue, including melasma which can manifest as very splotchy, uneven skin. Alpha arbutin can really help diminish that distinctive pigmentation, and of course, when used in partnership with SPF, help prevent it from recurring.”

Hydra-Bright Alpha Arbutin Drops

How To Use Alpha Arbutin

The great thing about this ingredient is that it’s suitable for all skin types - even sensitive, and it’s a safe brightening option for darker skin too. “It doesn’t negatively interact with other ingredients so it’s well tolerated with various other products in your routine,” shares Dr. Nina.

“One of my favorite products is the Hydra-Bright Alpha Arbutin Drops. A serum provides the perfect delivery system for this powerhouse ingredient, and these drops really allow for personalization and precision of dosage - from applying full-strength across the complexion, or for spot-treating areas of concern,” she notes. 

Hydra-Bright Alpha Arbutin Drops are also infused with another brightening hero - azelaic acid to clarify and unclog pores and ensure all that good stuff is delivered deep within, plus nourishing niacinamide. Vegan lactic acid also gives a gentle exfoliating boost, for a complete treatment serum that improves tone, texture, and hits the light-switch on your natural radiance. 

And, if you’re truly dedicated to that all-around lit-from-within luminosity, these drops work beautifully with skin that’s prepped by the Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant. This exfoliating elixir effectively passes that glow-giving baton onto perfectly primed skin. Then, complete your brighten and glow ritual with our Hydra-Bright AHA Hydrator - a next-generation moisturizer that really pops that brightness button, while getting to work deep within.

Our seven solution serums - including Hydra-Bright Alpha Arbutin Drops, are crafted to play well together too. A power-pairing for brightness and antioxidant protection would be with our vitamin C-infused C-Shield Anti-Pollution Drops

“As always, make sure you’re wearing a daily SPF - such as Oil Free SPF 40+, to really avoid any further sun damage, and to keep your skin protected all year round,” adds Dr. Nina. 

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