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How to Apply a Bold Lip

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How to Apply a Bold Lip

How to Apply a Bold Lip

A new lipstick makes everything better, so change up your everyday makeup look with a bold lip. A deep, crimson red or a bright pop of pink can be tricky to apply evenly. We’ve all been there, trying to perfect your lip line only to end up with an overdrawn mess. But don’t be intimidated! Follow our advice for wearing a bold lip to make sure people are looking at your pout for the right reasons! It’s never the wrong time of year for this beauty trend.

Tips & Tricks for Applying a Bold Lip

Tips for Applying a Bold Lip
  1. Start by exfoliating and moisturizing your lips. Gently run a toothbrush over your lips once a week to remove any dead skin cells and follow with a nourishing lip balm. Now your color will apply better and look even and smooth.
  2. Dab concealer that matches your skin tone over your lips. This will neutralize your lip’s natural color and give your lipstick a good base.
  3. Line your lips following the natural lip line, selecting a shade that’s close to the lipstick you will use. We used Precision Lip Pencil in Vino. Use the side of the pencil to shade the outer rim of your lip so the line won’t look harsh against your lipstick. Lining your lips first gives you a starting point, so once you apply your lip shade you’re just coloring in the lines. Plus, it will prevent feathering and prolong the wear of your lipstick! If you use a shade that’s slightly different from your lipstick color, it can provide beautiful dimension.
  4. Apply lipstick over the liner and fill in the rest of your lips. We used Lipstick in Runway, a beautiful wine shade. Apply directly from the tube or use a lip brush for ultimate precision.
  5. Use a touch of concealer and a flat brush for clean up. This will further define the lip, making the line crisp and clean. Blend the concealer in with your skin.
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