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Everything You Need To Know About Skincare Toners
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Everything You Need To Know About Skincare Toners

It’s tone time!

For most of us, our first experience with face toner likely involved very harsh formulas, which left our skin feeling tight and stripped of moisture. 

There are a couple reasons why this used to be the norm:

  •  Historically, older cleansers left more of a residue and were soap-based (and therefore extremely alkaline), so astringent toners helped remove this excess filminess from the skin and rebalance skin back to its normal pH level. They also helped remove makeup that would remain after cleansing, which isn’t much of an issue anymore due to advanced cleansing formulas that not only cleanse without residue, but also effectively remove any lingering beauty product remnants from the face. 
  •  Acne-fighting formulas used to focus primarily on eradicating oil from the skin, instead of focusing on the cause of breakouts. We now know that banishing every trace of oil can actually exacerbate breakouts, and as a result the function of toners have changed for the better. 

The reality is, skincare has come a long way since the skin-stripping routines of our teenage years, and toners have evolved past their initial reputation to now be an incredibly beneficial and versatile step to your skincare routine. 

The key to successfully incorporating an effective toner in your regimen is to determine what your needs are. The great thing about toners is there’s a wide variety of options that can help target any concern and change your skincare game. 

glo skin beauty purifying mist being sprayed

Before we get to our top product recommendations, let’s take a step back: what exactly is a toner, how do you use it and what benefits can it provide?

What is Toner?

Toner is a water-like liquid that absorbs quickly into the skin, boosting the benefits of both its own ingredients, as well as products applied afterwards. Toner can be a prep or primer for the rest of your skincare routine, or its own as a standalone treatment step depending on what type you use.

How Often Do I Use Toner?

Toners are typically used morning, night or both immediately after cleansing the skin and prior to applying your serum and moisturizer. Glo Skin Beauty offers a variety of toners in different formats to make application easy (keep scrolling below for a list of our favorites). 

Mists can be sprayed directly onto the face without any applicator. Apply serum and/or moisturizer before toner dries down completely to lock in the beneficial ingredients properties of all products. 

Pads are infused with liquid that can simply be swiped across the skin. They’re also incredibly travel-friendly as a one-step option.

Bottles can be used either by dispensing product onto a cotton pad and swiping across skin, or onto fingertips and gently patted or pressed on the face. 

How Do Toners Benefit Skin?

Just like any step in your skincare routine, we believe in customization when it comes to using a toner. Toners provide an additional boost to the skin: Whether it’s adding in hydration, enhancing absorption of other beneficial ingredients or even chemical exfoliation, there’s a toner for everyone. 

glo skin beauty products on tan fabric

Top Glo Skin Beauty Toner Recommendations for Skin Type and Concern

glo skin beauty calming flower mist

Hydrate and calm any skin type (especially sensitive)

Calming Flower Mist: This ultra-soothing mist provides a hydrating and calming effect on the skin while helping reduce redness with rose water. Calming Flower Mist can be used on all skin types and concerns, and is the perfect option for a midday hydration boost.

glo skin beauty products with plant

Hydrate and infuse skin with powerful anti-aging ingredients

Phyto-Active Toning Mist: This mist is powered by skin-nourishing plant stem cells to provide intense hydration, along with regenerative benefits for those concerned with aging.

glo skin beauty purifying mist in hand

Balance skin without overstripping or drying

Purifying Mist: Our best toner for oily skin, Purifying Mist refines and balances oil production with witch hazel while infusing skin with antioxidants to help strengthen and prep for products applied after.

glo skin beauty clear complexion pads

Combat breakouts with a unique, travel-friendly format

Clear Complexion Pads: These travel-friendly pads help remove excess oil while targeting the cause of breakouts without stripping or overdrying skin.

glo skin beauty pro 5 liquid exfoliant

Boost your glow with gentle exfoliation

Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant: This treatment toner utilizes a powerhouse blend of alpha and poly hydroxy acids to dissolve dead skin cells and reveal brighter, clearer skin. Since this is a treatment toner, we recommend using 2-3 times per week. 

While there are a lot of misconceptions about the purpose, effectiveness and benefits of using a toner, these products can be incredibly beneficial. It’s time to tone it up, and take your skincare routine to the next level!

June 1, 2020

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