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Before & After: Acne Treatment

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Before & After: Acne Treatment

Acne can be tough to combat, and for some it may seem like it will never go away. When using proper homecare alone doesn’t seem to be enough to tackle this skin condition, it’s time to seek professional assistance. Professional treatments paired with homecare can create impressive change in the skin.

A client came to glo wanting to remedy her acne after it had become progressively worse and began to affect her confidence. "I constantly feel like I need to cover my face with my hands when I talk to people. It's actually embarrassing that my skin looks like I don't take care of it.”

After a thorough skin consultation, glo International Educator Amanda von dem Hagen developed a series of professional treatments for our client. After 6 treatments over 6 months, the results can’t be ignored.

Professional Treatments

The following are all professional-level chemical exfoliants from Glo Skin Beauty. These back bar treatments are only available to licensed professionals. To open a professional account, contact customer service at 800-232-0398.

For clients concerned with acne and breakouts, results from using proper homecare together with professional treatments can take anywhere from about three months to more than a year. When striving for clear skin, the goal is to balance and maintain skin. This takes trial and error because there is not a “one size fits all” approach to the homecare and professional treatment regimen.

The first exfoliation step in every professional treatment was Pro 5 Exfoliant. This versatile, very superficial exfoliant is an ideal product to prep skin for a peel and help loosen impactions so extractions are easier. Amanda applied one to two layers of Pro 5 Exfoliant and then performed extractions. Following extractions, Amanda applied another layer of Pro 5 Exfoliant then began the peel application.

  • Month 1: Enzyme
  • Month 2: Enzyme, spot treat Salicylic 30%
  • Month 3: Enzyme and Salicylic 30% - two layers
  • Month 4: Modified Jessner 14%, spot treat with Salicylic 30%
  • Month 5: Modified Jessner 14% - two layers with a layer of Salicylic 30% in between
  • Month 6: Modified Jessner 14% - three layers and spot treat with Salicylic 30% between each layer

Morning Skincare Routine

Nighttime Skincare Routine


"My confidence is back! Before trying glo, I had tried several other products just hoping something would help. It is such a relief to have found the products that work for me and my skin!"

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