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Brushes & Tools

  1. daily_power_c_plus
    Ultimate age defying antioxidant serum Learn More
  2. glycolic_resurfacing_toner

    Formerly Known as: 7% Glycolic Resurfacing Toner

    Visibly smooths for a renewed, balanced complexion

    Learn More
  3. skin_firming_cream
    Ultra-rich moisture for an ageless complexion Learn More
  4. balancing_moisture_remedy
    Safeguards skin with ultra soothing moisture Learn More
  5. oil_control_emulsion
    Ultra light hydration, balances and purifies Learn More
  6. glycolic_resurfacing_cream

    Formerly Known as: 10% Glycolic Cream

    Smooths, softens and refines the complexion

    Learn More
  7. neck_firming_serum
    Promotes a visibly lifted, firmer neck and décolleté Learn More
  8. phyto_active_light_moisture

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Light Moisture

    Weightless hydration for instant radiance

    Learn More
  9. super_serum
    Helps strengthen and revitalize the complexion Learn More
  10. corrective_soothing_serum
    Restores calm, strengthens, enhances radiance Learn More
  11. triple_action_serum
    Lightens hyperpigmentation, smooths with powerful actives Learn More
  12. retinol_smoothing_serum

    Formerly Known as: Retinol CS

    Smooths and brightens for radiant skin

    Learn More
  13. daily_hydration

    Formerly Known as: B5 Hydration

    Instant hydration for moisture balance

    Learn More
  14. gentle_enzyme_exfoliant
    Smooths and renews without irritation Learn More
  15. soothing_gel_mask

    Formerly Known as: Cucumber Recovery Mask

    Cools, calms and hydrates skin

    Learn More
  16. lip_revival
    Hydrate and promote the look of fuller lips Learn More
  17. daily_power_c
    Skin protecting antioxidant serum Learn More
  18. Daily Hydration+

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Hydration+

    Ultimate hydrator for ageless skin

    Learn More
  19. moisturizing_tint_spf_30_medium
    Oil free hydration, sun protection and sheer color Learn More
  20. phyto_active_face_cream

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Face Cream

    Luxurious, ultra-rich age-fighting moisture Learn More
  21. clear_skin_spot_treatment

    Formerly Known as: Clear Anti-Blemish Treatment

    Quick fix for blemish emergencies

    Learn More
  22. refresh_facial_polish
    Smooths, awakens and revives skin Learn More
  23. solar_shade_spf_50
    Lightweight, all mineral sunscreen designed for sensitive skin Learn More
  24. clear_skin_body_spray
    Targets and treats body breakouts Learn More
  25. healing_gel
    Targeted repair for post-breakout dryness Learn More
  26. phyto_active_vitamin_c

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+

    Ultimate age defying antioxidant serum

    Learn More
  27. phyto_active_eye_cream

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Eye Cream

    Rich moisture, firms and softens eye lines

    Learn More
  28. restorative_mask
    Nourishing remedy for ultimate skin-conditioning Learn More
  29. remedy_gel
    Provides instant skin relief Learn More
  30. phyto_active_firming_serum

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Serum

    Smooths the appearance of expression lines

    Learn More
  31. retinol_resurfacing_serum

    Formerly Known as: Tretinol 0.5%

    Powerfully smooths, tones and softens skin

    Learn More
  32. renew_serum
    Smooths and refines with mild exfoliation Learn More
  33. lightening_serum
    Treats hyperpigmentation with effective lighteners Learn More
  34. brightening_serum
    Targets discoloration with natural brighteners Learn More
  35. pumpkin_enzyme_scrub
    Gently sloughs away dull surface cells Learn More
  36. brightening_polish
    Smooths, brightens and refreshes skin Learn More
  37. conditioning_mist

    Formerly Known as: Conditioning Tonic

    Hydrates, nourishes and preps skin

    Learn More
  38. purifying_mist

    Formerly Known as: Purifying Tonic

    Refines, purifies and preps skin

    Learn More
  39. purifying_gel_cleanser
    Purifies, soothes and cleanses without stripping oil Learn More
  40. refining_mask
    Oil-absorbing, purifying clays help maintain clear skin Learn More
  41. oil_free_moisturizer
    Lightly moisturizes and balances skin Learn More
  42. restorative_cream
    Rich moisture, strengthens and protects skin Learn More
  43. phyto_active_eye_serum

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Eye Serum

    Helps maintain skin's youthfulness around the eyes

    Learn More
  44. contour_eye_lift
    Ultra-soothing hydration, visibly uplifts eye area Learn More
  45. eye_restore
    Hydrates, targets puffiness and dark circles Learn More
  46. calming_flower_mist
    Soothes and hydrates sensitive skin Learn More
  47. phyto_active_toning_mist

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Toning Mist

    Deeply hydrates and supports skin

    Learn More
  48. daily_polishing_cleanser
    Cleanses, exfoliates and brightens with gentle powder Learn More
  49. clear_skin_cleanser

    Formerly Known as: Clear Acne Cleanser

    Clears and prevents breakouts with scrubbing beads

    Learn More
  50. glycolic_resurfacing_cleanser
    Formerly Known as: 10% Glycolic Cleanser
    Cleanses and exfoliates, uncovers renewed, refined skin Learn More
  51. phyto_active_cream_cleanser

    Formerly Known as: Cyto-luxe Cleanser

    Rinses away impurities for improved radiance

    Learn More
  52. gentle_cream_cleanser
    Cleanse, condition and refresh without irritation Learn More
  53. clear_complexion_pads
    Instantly tones, balances and helps promote clearer skin Learn More
  54. oil_free_spf_40
    Oil free hydration and sun protection Learn More
  55. essential_cleansing_oil
    Deep cleansing action dissolves oil, debris, makeup Learn More