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Understanding Your Combination Skin

Understanding Your Combination Skin

If you’ve ever experienced forehead shine with cheek dryness, you’re likely among the vast majority of people living with Combination Skin. Combination Skin is exactly what you would think: two common skin types, oily and dry, combined on one face, which results in an oily t-zone and dry cheek area. Finding products that both manage oil production and hydrate can be a daunting task, which is why Glo Skin Beauty created its Combination Skin Set.

The four key products in Glo Skin Beauty Skin Sets are cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye care. These are your core products specific to your individual skin type that you should use every day- in addition to an SPF. For each skin type, there are defined products designed to address your unique needs such as added hydration for Dry Skin and mattifying effect for Oily Skin. Our recently completed Combination Skin Set is no different; it contains the following products to help hydrate and purify, giving you a flawless foundation for makeup application:

  • Hydrating Gel Cleanser: Your skincare routine starts with a cleanser, so make sure you’re using one meant for your skin type. Hydrating Gel Cleanser gently cleanses, hydrates and brightens with a mild, yet effective formula that helps maintain combination skin’s delicate moisture balance.
  • Balancing Mist: This brand new product completes the Combination Skin Set and is the perfect toner to refresh and prep skin before moisturizers and serums.
  • Conditioning Hydration Cream: This daily cream fortifies dry, dehydrated skin with an antioxidant-rich blend of moisturizing ingredients
  • Contour Eye Lift: Each of our three travel sets comes with this fantastic eye care product because every skin type can benefit from it. Contour Eye Lift is a skincare essential and will help improve texture and tone and reduce signs of aging.

By using products developed for your skin type, you’re more likely to see results from daily use. Our travel size Skin Sets are the perfect introduction to the skin in Glo Skin Beauty. This allows you to explore the daily regimen best for you and keep your carry on prepped with key skincare essentials. With your ideal regimen set identified, you can purchase any products within the Skin Sets in full size versions, great for regular use.

Not sure if you fall in the Combination Skin category? Try our Oily or Dry Skin Set instead.

September 18, 2017
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