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Melt Free Mineral Makeup for Late Summer Weddings

A wedding day meltdown is the last thing you want, especially where your makeup is concerned. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or bride-to-be, follow these tips and tricks for melt free mineral makeup for those warm late summer weddings.


The first step to melt proof mineral makeup happens before you even apply an ounce of color. Starting your application with exfoliated, hydrated, and well-moisturized skin is critical to keeping your skin and makeup balanced throughout the day. Dehydrated skin can over-produce oil to compensate for dryness, interfering with makeup. Choose a lightweight moisturizer and test it out well before your wedding day.


Primer creates the ideal surface for makeup to adhere to so that foundation won’t slide off of your face in the middle of “I do.” Primer prepares your skin so foundation looks better and lasts longer. Dimethicone-based primers are breathable and will protect your skin from losing moisture. We call that a win-win.


A matte foundation is going to perform best during those hot summer days. Start with a liquid mineral foundation and finish with a matte powder foundation or matte finishing powder. The key is to build your coverage with thin layers, like you would do with nail polish, until you get it just right. If you apply too much at the start, it’s hard to make a comeback.

When your foundation is perfect, spray your makeup with a light hydration mist. This helps marry your makeup with your skin and adds a touch of refreshing hydration.

Eye Makeup

Your eye makeup needs primer, too! Eye shadow primer, similar to face primer, creates a smooth canvas to create seamless color blending and prevents unwanted eye makeup from creasing. An alternative option is to use a long-wear cream shadow as a base. Use a formula that applies smoothly, blends easily and then sets in place. Lastly, apply powder eye shadow on top to add dimension to your look.

For an outdoor ceremony, go light on the application and then transition your makeup from day to night before the reception. Dramatic, smoky eyes may seem out of place at an afternoon wedding.

Water resistant eyeliner and mascara are a must. Make sure you have a smudge-free liquid eyeliner and water resistant mascara that won’t budge or run when the waterworks start.

Blotting Paper

Keep blotting papers on hand just in case you become shiny throughout the day. Instead of layering more and more powder onto the skin to soak up the oil, it’s best to remove the oil and apply powder only when needed.

Mirror check! Before you touch up, whip out that compact and see how your makeup looks rather than how it feels. Wedding makeup is a lot heavier than your day-to-day application, so it may be that it feels “oily” but looks flawless. But remember, that’s another benefit of mineral makeup - it takes less product to get more coverage, so you won’t feel weighed down.

Bride above is wearing Luxe Liquid Foundation SPF 18 in tahini, Camouflage Oil Free in natural, Blush in sandalwood and spice berry, Suede Matte Crayon in demure, Bronze in sunlight, Volumizing Mascara in black with Ardell Demi Luvies Black.

August 12, 2016
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