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How to Hydrate Your Skin: Tips for Every Skin Type
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How to Hydrate Your Skin: Tips for Every Skin Type

Let's talk about how to hydrate your skin. It's something everyone should do, but tons of people avoid for a variety of reasons. Whether you just can't be bothered with another step in your routine (no judgment) or you're worried about messing up your skin's delicate balance, we have easy tips for you to follow to help you hydrate your skin.

Start With a Clean Slate

Glo Skin Beauty cleansers

Washing your face, whether you wear any products during the day or not, is essential to making sure your pores are clear when you head off to bed. But did you know that washing your face is about more than just a clear complexion? Removing the day from your face allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper, giving you better results. Why waste money on serums if they can’t even break through the oil and grime on the surface of your skin?

Choose the Right Exfoliants

Hydrate your skin with exfoliants

You know we’re all about exfoliation, but when it comes to dehydrated skin, you have to be careful. If your skin is compromised (which it usually is when you’re dehydrated) you don’t want to irritate it any further. Enter Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. These powerful actives slough off dead skin, while also attracting moisture and giving your complexion a boost of hydration. Because of their larger molecular size, they're perfectly suitable for sensitive or sensitized skin.

Hydrate Your Skin 24/7

Glo Skin Beauty face masks

Did you know you can hydrate your skin at every step of your routine? Hydration doesn’t have to stop with your routine. We love incorporating mists throughout the day to keep your skin from drying out. And when you get home? Feel free to do your normal night routine then throw a sleep mask or face oil on top for even more benefits.

Get More From Your Makeup

Hydrate your skin with makeup

Not only does hydration not have to stop at your skincare routine, it can work its way into your beauty routine, as well. Look for creamy formulas, like our Hyaluronic Acid-based mineral foundation stick and concealer quad. And if traditional toning mists aren’t for you, try a hydrating mist to not only set your mineral makeup but also refresh your complexion throughout the day.

Formulas For Your Skin

Hydrate your skin with Hyaluronic Acid

Although hydration is important for everyone, regardless of skin type, all hydrators were not created equal. You already know you can hydrate your skin with moisturizers (duh) but what other formulas exist? Mists, oils, masks, serums- there’s tons of options, you just have to find your perfect fit. If you’re naturally oily, you’ll want to reach for something featuring lightweight ingredients like Jojoba Oil or Squalane Oil. If you’re dry, bring on the rich creams and then layer an oil on top.

Worried you’ll breakout from clogged pores? We’ve been there. Try something made specifically for acne-prone skin to ensure skin stays clear and hydrated. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice hydration for a clear complexion.

Location, Location, Location

City view

We won’t ask you to move to a different climate but it’s important to understand that where you live plays a huge role in how your skin reacts. If you live somewhere warm and humid you likely have much different skin concerns than someone who lives somewhere cold and dry (greetings from, Denver). If you’re feeling helpless in the fight against dehydration, take a minute and assess your address- it’s an easily overlooked reason for your skin woes.

Be Prepared

Woman in winter

Our last piece of advice? Don’t let it get so bad! When you hydrate your skin year round, you won’t have to do as much damage control in the colder months. Trust us, it’s better to incorporate daily hydration steps into your routine instead of frantically trying to reverse your dehydration overnight. We know, we know, adding yet another step to your routine is the last thing you want to do. But we promise you’ll thank us later when your skin is plump, youthful, soft and hydrated.

February 26, 2020
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