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How-To: Contour and Highlight

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How-To: Contour and Highlight

How-To: Contour and Highlight

Highlighting and contouring has been a popular topic in the beauty industry. From celebrities to YouTube stars, everyone seems to have tips and tricks for creating the perfectly highlighted and contoured face. Glo Skin Beauty has a perfect step-by-step guide on contouring and highlighting featuring our Senior Global Makeup Artist & Educator, Janeena Billera, with our Liquid Bright Concealer.

Use this photo as a guide but before you start you will need to find the shades that work for your skin tone. We recommend picking three different shades: a contour color, a light highlight color and a medium highlight/ transitional color. The contour color should be two shades darker than your natural complexion, the lightest highlight should be two shades lighter than your natural skintone and the transitional/ highlight product should be one shade lighter than your natural skintone.

Janeena has a medium skin tone so she selected Liquid Bright Concealer in Brighten as the lightest highlight shade, Liquid Bright Concealer in Sunburst as the highlight/transition shade, and Under Eye Concealer in Honey as the darkest contour color. Using something like Under Eye Concealer works as a contour product because it has a creamy formula that will blend easily for a more natural look. Using Pressed Base or Bronze will also work - just be sure to blend completely to avoid harsh lines.

June 26, 2017 By Alison Wisneski